Datascan Pharmacy Software Integrates with ACCUflo and ECP for Enhanced MAR Capabilities

Datascan is excited to announce our partnership with Vita-Stat’s ACCUflo eMAR and ECP’s eMAR products to further enhance their pharmacy management software. MARs (Medication Administration Records) have always been included in Datascan’s Winpharm to allow Long Term Care (LTC) pharmacies to provide its facilities with printed med charts. Our partnership with ACCUflo and ECP will push prescription information electronically to their respective platforms, no longer requiring pharmacies to print paper MARs.

ACCUflo is an intuitive, electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system designed for use among long-term care pharmacies and assisted living facilities, memory care and skilled nursing communities. The system tracks every step in the medication administration process, simplifying caregivers’ duties and workflow by allowing them easy and safe access to residents’ medical records, medication, treatments and care tasks.

Integration with ECP means day-to-day pharmacy processes are unaltered. Paired with order-specific information provided by your pharmacy system, ECP automatically identifies controlled substances, psychotropics, boxed warnings, adverse reactions, med administration techniques, and more. These interfaces allow Datascan pharmacy partners to deliver electronic resident and medication information to clients utilizing ECP eMAR. Syncing systems eliminates the need for redundant and tedious data entry, promoting a safe medication administration process for all parties involved.