McKesson Pharmacy Software Shutting Down

Is Your Pharmacy Software Company Shutting Down?  Or Did They Sell Off to a Large Corporation?

The landscape of the pharmacy software industry is changing fast, and not necessarily for the better.  Many vendors are selling off, consolidating, and even shutting down their pharmacy software systems!  Today, many of the pharmacy software companies that are still around are now owned by large corporations with no real focus on the needs of the independent pharmacy.

Just recently, HBS (Health Business Systems) announced they were shutting down support for their pharmacy software and gave their clients 90 days or so to find a new vendor —and the corporation that bought them pushed those panicked customers over to one of their other pharmacy software platforms.  Then, McKesson, the largest pharmacy wholesaler in the U.S., announced it is going to shut down their Pharmaserv and PharmacyRX software systems, but announced a “partnership” where they are recommending their customers go to Liberty Software.

In recent years Opus, RX30, ComputerRX, Lagniappe Health, HCC, and HBS have all been acquired by a tremendous private equity firm, which now manages multiple pharmacy software platforms and near 10,000 accounts nationwide!  Other vendors such as PioneerRX, QS1, and McKesson Software systems are owned by multi-billion dollar wholesalers.  Pharmacy owners are left questioning, is my pharmacy software company next?  Is my vendor a true partner, focusing on the needs of my independent business, or are they too big to provide me with the level of service and support we expect as a community-based pharmacy?  Or more importantly, do I want my wholesaler to also own my software company and have insight into every purchasing decision I make?  Independent pharmacy owners are frustrated, nervous, and need to partner with an independent pharmacy software company that truly understands their struggles, knows how to support their ever-changing needs, and is laser focused on pharmacy software.

Datascan Pharmacy Software understands what it means to be independent, because we are family owned and operated just like the majority of our clients, since 1981.  Near 40 years of pharmacy-focused innovation, Datascan has been a pioneer in the independent pharmacy software industry.  Our client relationships span over decades and we are proud to be one of the last independently owned software vendors industry wide!  And that’s how we plan on staying. Our only focus is on our clients and helping them garner ultimate success and longevity.  Our pharmacy software  features are designed to attack DIR fees, build bigger profits, better patient adherence, and streamline day to day processes.    We offer the most competitive prices packed into the ultimate pharmacy software suite.

If you’re left wondering what’s next for your pharmacy and questioning the reliability of your current software vendor, then you need to speak with the Datascan sales team.  Let’s work together to make your independent pharmacy profitable and efficient.  Don’t let your current vendor push you towards another system and make the decision for you—you have choices.

There is no better partner for your independent pharmacy than an independently owned software vendor like Datascan.  Your patients choose your pharmacy because of the level of service and support you provide them, don’t you deserve the same?