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Central Store Management Software

Datascan delivers the top pharmacy software for Independent pharmacies and Physician Dispensaries. Keep a closer look at the bottom line in your independent pharmacy or dispensary!

Datascan Pharmacy Central Store
Management Software

For clients with a single location or clients with multiple locations, this software allows you to receive updates daily from all locations from both the pharmacy and point of sale systems. All data from each location will be automatically uploaded. The system then allows you to run endless reports for both Pharmacy and Front end/POS.

  • Pharmacy & POS Reporting:
    Both RX based and OTC/POS based reporting from one central location
  • Detailed View for Multiple Locations:
    You can look up the details of an RX, run prescription log reports, sales based reports, and even handle all house account billing from one central system.
  • Custom Report Builder: You can build your own custom reports by choosing the fields you want included
  • Recall Custom Reports: Save custom built reports by name, then quickly re-run the report at later dates
  • Filter Locations Reported:
    Data can be filtered by a single location, or you can choose multiple or even all locations.
  • Central Drug File: Keep a universal drug file across all locations to ensure same pricing, and names for lookup and reporting
  • Scalable:
    Support as many sites as required for reporting
  • Automatic Data Updates:
    From each location can also be done manually at anytime
  • Central Billing:
    Manage customer charge accounts for all locations from one central system
  • Watchdog in one central location:
    Watch over all locations from a central system without requiring remote log in to a location
  • Manage Customer Charge/House Accounts:
    Ability to lock-out and require central office authorization for house account opening and charges