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Pharmacy Software

Optimize your pharmacy operations with our revolutionary software solutions, allowing pharmacies to maximize profits and efficiency.

Helping Clients For Over 40 Years!

We Consistently Maintain ★★★★★ 5-Star Reviews Across Review Sites


Turning Struggles Into Solutions

Since 1981 Datascan has offered game-changing and affordable pharmacy software solutions to independently owned pharmacies and dispensaries across the US. Our client-focused features are designed to tackle DIR fees, increase profits, and build customer retention. Datascan supports the evolution of the pharmacy industry and as your needs change we are ahead of the competition with first to market features built in house, directly into your pharmacy software system.

The Datascan Software Suite

Best Software for Pharmacies

Pharmacy Management

  • Build Star Ratings
  • Medication Synchronization built-in
  • MTM (Medication Therapy Management)
  • Adherence Dashboard
  •  Automatic Patient Communication
  • Automatic Refills processing
  •  Built-in E-Care Plan
Pharmacy Point Of Sale Software

Point of Sale (POS)

  • SIGIS certified
  • PSE (Pseudoephedrine) tracking
  • Customize Sales
  • Sales / Coupon Tracking
  • Wholesaler Shopping
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Customizable Reports
Pharmacy Electronic Prescription Software

Delivery System

  • Apple & Android Market capable
  • Sync Data Wirelessly
  • Credit Card Support at deliveries
  • Route Creation for drivers
  • Track co-pays and OTC dollars due
  • Easy-Synchronization
  • Alternate Payment Methods Tracked

Benefits of Working with Datascan

Discover the ultimate retail pharmacy software solution – Datascan. With unrivaled power, exceptional customization options, and user-friendly interface, it revolutionizes the way you run your pharmacy. Stay one step ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge, first-to-market features that are seamlessly integrated into your software system. Experience the future of pharmacy management with Datascan.

Unique Customer Service

We can prove we have the best customer service industry wide! Our response times are the fastest, our staff is comprised of brilliant technology driven individuals and pharmacy technicians, and the technology we employ internally makes sure your work orders are handled in a timely fashion. Call us to find out more about pharmacy rx software or RX Systems!

Features & Software Updates

We release features and technology before the competition ensuring Datascan is the best pharmacy software on the market!We are also extremely experienced in pharmacy software conversions—so if you are considering a move away from your current pharmacy program, give us a call


Datascan helps lead the industry through innovation and cutting edge features! Daily we improve our system to make sure you have the best features possible.


You become a client, a member of our family, NOT a number like the chains treat patients! (or how some of the huge companies we compete with treat their software clients)

Build a Future For Your Pharmacy or Dispensary

It was controlled E scripts one year, and Medicare Star Ratings the next. Whatever the future holds for our industry, Datascan will always be on top of innovating our technology to make sure your business can thrive!

Datascan Will Help You Increase Profits

Getting your Pharmacy start-up off on the right foot is key to your success. Let our software help guide you to a smooth and profitable grand opening.

We specialize in Pharmacy Software Conversions – ask about our Free Conversions from your current pharmacy software vendor.

Independently Owned.
Just Like You.

We’re family owned & focused, competitively priced, ahead of the competition with technology, and help you build profit centers. And because we build real relationships with all of our clients, we can offer truly personalized customer service.

What Sets us Apart?

If you’re in the market for pharmacy software, your concerns are likely threefold: Pricing, Technology, and Service. And these are the three foundational pillars of our existence. Remember, we’re a privately held company – just like you – so we understand and respond to the demands of our customers by focusing on what matters to them first.



What is Pharmacy POS Software?

Pharmacy POS software is point of sale software that is designed specifically for pharmacy operations. Point of sale software is specific to your industry, so if you are operating a restaurant, you want POS software built for restaurants. The same goes for pharmacy. A quality pharmacy pos system will integrate directly with the pharmacy management software to share prescription costs, show what other prescriptions are being filled currently for that patient or are ready for pickup, and share data between the two systems. Pharmacy point of sale software should allow you to create a custom rewards program for your patients, it should tie into SIGIS for acceptance of FSA/HSA cards at the register, be able to track Pseudoephedrine purchases and have stop limits, and be able to help track deliveries to your patients. Accurate inventory tracking, along with the ability to send and receive orders electronically to all wholesalers within the pharmacy industry. Datascan built our pharmacy POS software back in 2003 specifically for the industry, and made sure it integrates with Winpharm, our proprietary pharmacy management software. It is a touch screen optimized software for checking out your patients quickly, and it is constantly being updated to help our independent pharmacy clients run their businesses more efficiently.

Which Pharmacy Software Has the Highest Reviews?

When searching for the best pharmacy software, customer feedback and reviews are important.  The ultimate question is, how can you trust the reviews you are reading?  One thing anyone should know when searching for pharmacy software reviews, is that the website is owned and operated by Pioneer RX, the very same company that consistently is ranked the highest across all metrics on the website.  If you were looking at Ford trucks, you would not go to a website that Chevrolet owned to read reviews about Ford right?  You can however visit websites such as,,,, Google, and to read real reviews from real customers.  Because Datascan is one of the few privately owned pharmacy software companies left in our industry, and because we are not merged together with a bunch of other software companies owned by large private equity firms, we have been able to maintain the absolute best customer service in our industry hands down.  As you search for the top pharmacy systems on the market, you will find that Datascan and Winpharm (our pharmacy management software) has consistently the best and the most ratings across most sites.  Our customers love how hard we work for them, and we appreciate each and every one of them.  That is why Datascan still has so many clients with us in excess of 30 years– longer than many companies have even been in our space!

Read Hundreds of Datascan Reviews

Capterra Reviews

After switching from our previous software vendor, and after this “old dog” learning new tricks, I realized how much faster and easier it is to process prescriptions. Processing prescriptions is a breeze and it has freed up more time for other tasks during the day. The POS is easy to use and the mobile delivery option is of great use. There are MANY more functions of the software that we haven’t even utilized yet.

Software Advice Review

Datascan’s winpharm system is without a doubt the easiest system I have ever used while still offering hundreds of different modifications and additions when/if needed. The staff and customer service level cannot be rivaled in my opinion either.

Crowd Reviews

“Best technical support and price with all functionality of retail pharmacy. Any time we have questions help is just phone call away. Technical support is the best you can get from any software vendor.”

Facebook Reviews

“Great technical support and quick response time compared with other pharmacy software we have used!!”

More About Datascan

Datascan has been serving hundreds of independent pharmacies for decades. Our clients rely on us for the best and fastest customer support in the pharmacy software industry. Dating back to 1981, Datascan is the oldest independently owned pharmacy software vendor in the United States today. The majority of our competitors have sold off and merged with other companies to create tremendous organizations that now service thousands of pharmacies. These companies have lost touch with what it is like to run a small business, and the results are long wait times for their clients on hold waiting for support, and extended periods of time for ticket resolution. Patients going to large chains to fill their prescriptions are not getting better service than at their local community pharmacy, and the same goes for independent pharmacies and their experience with pharmacy software companies. Bigger does not mean better! If you are opening a new pharmacy, or perhaps you have an existing operating store and you are unhappy with your existing pharmacy systems vendor, give us a call. Let Datascan show you why our pharmacy software is easy to use, packed with functionality and automated features, and when you couple this with the fastest response times from the best rated pharmacy software vendor on the market, you can not beat this package! (Not to forget our competitive pricing)

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