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Choosing the Right Pharmacy Management Software for Your Independent Pharmacy

Your pharmacy software system is arguably the most important and fundamental component when building your independent pharmacy business.  Whether you’re opening a brand new store or looking to convert your system from another vendor, choosing the right pharmacy software is a critical decision that will impact both your day-to-day operations and ultimately your bottom line. The wrong software can cost you thousands of dollars in lost time and money. So how do you choose the right software for your independent pharmacy?
Do Your Research
Start by researching available Pharmacy Software Providers. The internet is the obvious best choice to conduct research, but don’t forget about industry publications, trade shows, or even recommendations from other pharmacy operators.Compare Features
It’s important to make sure that the pharmacy software you choose has the features your business needs now AND the features you will need as your pharmacy grows. Compare features from multiple vendors and make sure that the company is continuing to expand with plans to add additional features in the future.

Read Reviews
Customer reviews can tell you a lot about the software provider and give you insight into things their marketing won’t tell you; including the on-boarding and training experience, any software bugs or shortcomings, the quality of their customer support team, and hidden fees associated with the software.Schedule a Demo
Before you invest in a new pharmacy management software, it’s important to test-drive it first. Ask to schedule a demo so you can be certain that it has the features you need, it’s intuitive to use, and works as expected.

Make an Educated Decision
Never impulse buy. Do your research, ask questions, and communicate any concerns you have with the software vendor so you can make an educated and informed decision about the pharmacy software you choose.

At Datascan, we help make that choice clear by working closely with hundreds of independent pharmacies and tailoring our pharmacy management software around the current and expanding needs of our clients. When you choose Datascan, you can be confident that you are choosing a pharmacy software provider committed to the success of independent pharmacies all over the country. Datascan’s Pharmacy Software has the features your independent pharmacy needs now and is constantly developing new features to help your business evolve and grow in an ever-changing industry. If you’re an independent pharmacy searching for the right pharmacy software, give Datascan a call, and see for yourself why Datascan is the #1 pharmacy management software for independent pharmacies.