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Datascan Software & Services Does it All and More

Datascan: The Leading Provider of Pharmacy Management Software

Offering the ultimate trifecta, price, product, and service, Datascan is everything you need to set your pharmacy up for success.

Pharmacy Management Software

What is the Datascan Difference?

Our Customers

Independent Pharmacy is not one size fits all, and your software shouldn’t be either. WinPharm Pharmacy Software suits the needs of any independent pharmacy regardless of specialty or size.


Whether you’re opening a new pharmacy or considering conversion, WinPharm by Datascan has everything you need to run a successful independent pharmacy. Our featured packed pharmacy software puts you ahead of the competition with features like our FREE mobile app, integrated eCare plans, one-of-a-kind adherence dashboard, inventory and wholesaler integration, and much more!


Manage all of your compounding needs right in WinPharm’s Workflow. Track inventory, generate compound documents, build compound batches, subformula compounds, and even integrate with your digital scale for weight verification. WinPharm ensures accurate billing to maximize your reimbursements and helps to create custom price schedules for compounded medications!

  • Scales: Easily integrate with digital scales for weight verification. Confirm accuracy and record measured weights on compound documents.
  • Batches: Create single or multi batch compounds easily within WinPharm. Link directly to your master formula and assign a unique LOT to your batches. Integrated with your digital scale for weight verification, our powerful compound batching is simple to use and intuitive.
  • Custom Price Schedules: Easily create custom price schedules to help ensure accurate billing for your compounded medications.
Long Term Care

Manage Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Group home patients within your WinPharm workflow. Easily open up facilities and build a patient census without needing to pay for a separate system. WinPharm pharmacy software allows independent pharmacies to manage patients within each home, setup automatic refilling and Med Sync, customize frequency codes, print MAR and treatment charts, and so much more! WinPharm also integrates with our own Remote Facility Portal and several eMAR vendors like Accu-Flo, QuickMar, Precision Care, and ECP.

  • Remote Facility Portal: In addition to our nursing home / LTC software functionality, we do have an add-on module that allows the facility to login to the system via a secure connection, authenticated with a login and password. Once logged into the remote portal, the staff can access each patients profile to submit an RX for refill, cancel an RX from current filling, change directions, dispense times, edit demographics, print the MAR, as well as leave a memo for the pharmacist about the patient or prescription.
  • Custom eMAR interfaces available: Simplify your LTC workflow with our available eMAR integrations to Accu-flo, QuickMar, Precision Care and ECP.
  • Print Custom MARs: Assign custom MARs to each facility or set a default MAR for all facilities in WinPharm.
  • Integrated Delivery System for electronic signature capture: Print Nursing Home specific delivery reports and easily create a delivery manifest for your drivers.
  • FREE patient mobile and web fills: For quick refills and patient profile access.
Physician Dispensing

When looking into physician dispensing it’s important to partner with a dispensing pharmacy software vendor that understands your needs and can also provide you the necessary tools for a successful dispensing model. We have been working with the doctor dispensing model dating back to 2005 and offer a customized package for dispensaries.

  • Pricing: Special package pricing that helps keep monthly costs down
  • Experience: Almost 15 +years experience in this model gives us extended knowledge
  • Unique Support: We have the knowledge and experience, which helps our team understand your needs and model to better serve you. While some doctor dispensing systems on the market are priced cheaper to get you in the door, they come with little to no support. We can actually help your staff get insurance claims paid – we call it claims adjudication assistance and its part of your monthly plan.
  • Special Features: Built into our software designed to help run your dispensary, such as our built-in payment accepted module. This allows you to track copays and cash Rx payments received, without the need for additional software like POS.
  • Connections: With PSAO’s for contracting and wholesalers for pre-pack or loose pack drug dispensing.

Advanced Features

WinPharm has the most cutting edge technology and features to build and maintain a successful and profitable independent pharmacy. No matter your model we have the tools you need to bring your pharmacy into the future.

Custom Workflow

WinPharm helps pharmacies design a workflow solution that works best with their day to day operations. Workflow helps build efficiency.

  • RX Tracking: Track RX’s throughout the pharmacy workflow including physical location such as bins/bags, or refrigerator.
  • RX Status: Verify quickly if RX has been picked up or is still waiting.
  • Flexibility: Set status manually or automatically for RX’s including customizable bins.
  • Organize & Schedule deliveries: As well as assign them to specific drivers, with the ability to assign money due to drivers accounts for accountability upon closeout.
  • Delivery Tracking: Track what has been delivered and what needs a re-attempt.
  • Financial Tracking: Track amounts due from drivers upon returning from deliveries, and auto apply payments collected to customers accounts/invoices.
  • Multistage workflow options: Choose between 2, 3, 4, or 5 stage workflows, each with custom options and settings.
Mobile and Web App

Our Free mobile application and online web fills helps your patients better manage their prescriptions. Patients can create an account and view up-to-date prescription information and statuses, link children under 18 to mom and dad, schedule medication reminders, and even get directions to the pharmacy.

  • Apple and Android support: Available for both the Android and Apple smartphones. FREE: No charge to you or your patients
  • Quick Refill: Enter RX #’s and quickly sends them right to your pharmacy software!
  • Profile View: Patients can view their abbreviated profile and queue up RX’s direct to pharmacy software
  • Set Reminders: Patients can setup reminders for when they need to take medications
  • Alerts / Notifications: Send Refills Due alerts, RX Not picked up yet, and RX Ready for pickup straight to patient’s Smartphone app.
  • Scan & Refill: Use your device camera to scan the barcode on the bottle to send it out for refill
AI through our Winpharm Automated Scheduler
Wide range of automated reports and utilities designed to streamline your workflow and free up your time. Configure each utility to run how and when you need it for a truly custom workflow.

  • Automate reports to print or email with a variety of filter options for additional customization.
  • Schedule utilities to save time and alleviate the need for staff to run manually.
  • Maintenance medication utility automates refill requests to doctors for non-refillable maintenance drugs.
  • Automatic refill processes auto refill prescriptions, MedSync, and prescriptions on hold for future fill.
  • Schedule texts or emails to send to patients for refill reminders, restocks, and even Happy Birthday messages.
  • AWP Refill Dashboard can be automatically generated, making it easier than ever to manage and rebill AWP increase opportunities.
  • Automatic Control Reporting to all participating states.
Document Management

Document Management helps organize documents, images, and prescriptions, and supports memos/notes on each document. Documents can be scanned in or uploaded from your computer.

  • Patient documents
  • Doctor
  • Prescription
  • Drug
  • Compound
Patient Engagement

Help patients better manage their medications and stay involved in their care. Send text or email messages to patients when it’s time for a refill, when their prescriptions are ready for pick up, out for delivery, or have been shipped, and even send birthday messages to your patients! WinPharm also allows you to send completely custom messages to patients.

Central Fill

For clients with a single location or clients with multiple locations, automatically receive updates daily from all locations from both the pharmacy and point of sale systems. Easily run endless reports for both pharmacy and your front end POS system.

  • Pharmacy & POS Reporting: Both RX based and OTC/POS based reporting from one central location
  • Detailed View for Multiple Locations: Look up the details of an RX, run prescription log reports, sales based reports, and even handle all house account billing from one central system.
  • Custom Report Builder: Build your own custom reports by choosing the fields you want included
  • Recall Custom Reports: Save custom built reports by name, then quickly re-run the report at later dates
  • Filter Locations Reported: Data can be filtered by a single location, or you can choose multiple or even all locations.
  • Central Drug File: Keep a universal drug file across all locations to ensure same pricing, and names for lookup and reporting
  • Scalable: Support as many sites as required for reporting
  • Automatic Data Updates: From each location can also be done manually at anytime
  • Central Billing: Manage customer charge accounts for all locations from one central system
  • Watchdog in one central location: Watch over all locations from a central system without requiring remote log in to a location
  • Manage Customer Charge/House Accounts: Ability to lock-out and require central office authorization for house account opening and charges
Custom Reporting

Reporting is easy in WinPharm Pharmacy Software and Datascan POS. Choose from a variety of report templates with custom filter options to customize every report. All reports are able to be printed or exported to Excel for further customization.

Inventory and Order with Wholesaler Integration

Pharmacy inventory is by far your biggest overhead. Without a proper inventory system, you could be sitting on tons of products that are expired, slow-moving, or should be special ordered. WinPharm pharmacy software and Datascan POS offer an integrated inventory module to better manage your pharmacy’s inventory both behind the counter and in the frontend. We offer no-cost options for total automation with your wholesalers to maintain a perpetual inventory and even allow you to manually manage your inventory if you prefer. The reporting options are endless in both WinPharm and POS.

  • Free EDI with all vendors
  • Create purchase orders to be exported to wholesalers
  • Option for automatic PO
  • Receive invoices into software to update inventory
  • Update vendor costs and acquisition costs
  • Manage your inventory with a physical perpetual inventory
  • Price shop across multiple wholesalers/vendors
eCare Plans

The Pharmacist eCare plan is a standard that allows pharmacy technology providers to have a common method of exchanging information related to care delivery, including patient goals, health concerns, active medication list, drug therapy problems, laboratory results, vitals, payer information, and billing for services. This will allow for a true collaboration of care between pharmacists and doctors, with the goal to provide better outcomes for patients’ overall health in the future.

  • eCare plans are managed within your pharmacy software workflow and formatted for submission to CPESN.
  • Create plans, manage patient encounters and engagements, assess clinical and vitals, and record any necessary interventions.
  • Find out more

Pharmacies offering immunization services have the ability to bill and report right in WinPharm’s pharmacy software workflow. Through our seamless integration with Prescribe Wellness your pharmacy can electronically report administration to your state registry.

  • Two Way Registry Communication: Report and receive notifications when patients are due for vaccines. Also, quickly query your patients to see if they’re eligible for a vaccine.
  • Vaccine Templates: Filling vaccine prescriptions is easier and faster than ever! Our vaccine templates integrated into your pharmacy management software enables you to set defaults for things like quantity, prescribing physician, SIG codes, administration fees, incentive amounts, and much more! Simply choose the vaccine you’re administering and filling for, and the rest if automatically populated for you.
Claim Analytics and DIR Dashboard

Never let a loss walk out your door. Datascan’s WinPharm pharmacy software provides you with innovative technology to help capture losses, analyze claims, and manage DIR fees.

  • Pre and Post Editing: included for free in Datascan’s WinPharm pharmacy software, customize pre and post edit options to help capture losses both pre-adjudication and at adjudication. Color coded post-edit warnings ensure you never miss an opportunity to capture a loss. Pre-edits look for potential data entry discrepancies or potential for audit prior to submitting your claim for reimbursement. Post-edits evaluates your claims post adjudication to analyze your net reimbursement and stop for losses, overpayments, or DIR fees.
  • DIR Dashboard: DIR fees are a source of frustration for pharmacies everywhere. Put your mind at ease with Datascan’s one-of-a-kind DIR dashboard. Customize specific plans in your pharmacy software with exact fees or percentages for brands and generic medications, 30/90 day supply fills, and upon adjudication, you will be alerted if there is a fee linked to your prescriptions. WinPharm pharmacy software will display your net profit less DIR fee to help you determine the best way to proceed with each prescription.
  • AWP Rebill Opportunity: AWP pricing changes frequently and a missed increase in AWP could result in a missed opportunity to improve your bottom line. Analyze AWP increases and easily reprocess claims in one click.
  • Automate your AWP Rebill Dashboard: Schedule your pharmacy software to automatically scan prescriptions over the last “X” days to look for prescriptions you filled with increased AWP. Select individual or multiple prescriptions to reverse, reprice, and rebill all with one click.
Integrated Point of Sale

Datascan Pharmacy Point of Sale software perfectly marries with our WinPharm Pharmacy management software to help you better manage your pharmacy and your patients.

  • Customizable reports: Choose from a variety of report templates, create your own reports with custom labels, and create a reports favorites list. All reports are easily exported from our POS to Excel.
  • DME/Equipment Rental Program: Organize your pharmacy’s DME rentals with our built-in rental program. Setup reminders, automatic payments, and schedule returns.
  • EMV Chip Reader Ready Software: Securely transmit and process payments with our PCI compliant point of sale software and EMV integration.
  • Shipping integration with UPS, FedEX, USPS,, and Endicia Mail order: Pharmacies can take advantage of our seamless integration with shippers to create and manage their shipments.
  • SIGIS Certified: Datascan Point of Sale is an approved vendor with SIGIS to handle your patients FSA and HAS card transactions.
  • PSE Pseudoephedrine Tracking integrated directly into our POS, our integration with APPRIS helps you manage PSE sales in real time.
  • Customize Sales schedule item sales, category sales, or subcategory sales for your OTC products in point of sale.
  • Sales and Coupon Tracking: Keep track and manage in-store sales and coupons.
  • Wholesaler integration: POS can shop for you; find the best price for items across all of your wholesalers. Purchase order creation can be done through re-order points by item, manually, or both. POS will also receive invoice updates from vendors to automatically adjust your inventory quantities and costs.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: fully customizable & keeps customers coming back
  • Gift Card Sales & Tracking: Sell and accept gift cards in your point of sale
  • Pharmacy Software & Workflow Integration: notifies of other RX’s waiting for patient upon checkout, sync’s co-pays, reversals
  • Profit Watcher: stops a rejected or reversed 3rd party prescription from accidentally being checked out
  • Customer AR charge accounts: complete with monthly statements that can be emailed or printed. Customers can also leave credit cards for automatic monthly payments on their statements.
  • Touch Screen System: helps build speed and ease of use
  • Security / Cashier Tracking: with customizable security settings
  • Customizable Options: such as locking RX from being sold without verification being done prior
  • Email Capable: Option to email clients their receipts& monthly statements
  • Electronic Delivery System: Create electronic delivery manifests that integrate with Google Maps for route optimization. Electronic signatures are collected onsite and synced back to your point of sale and WinPharm systems.

Our Pricing

Datascan offers the most competitive price package industry-wide. While most vendors charge add on fees for technology and features, Datascan includes the features you need, FREE!

Patient Mobile Application

Available on iOS and Android. Customers can create a profile for easier prescription management and status updates, send quick refills, receive alerts.

Document Management

Scan or upload documents and link them to patients, prescriptions, compounds, and physicians.

UPS, FedEX, and Endicia integration

If you’re a mail order pharmacy or offering shipping

Long Term Care

LTC or hybrid pharmacies can conveniently manage long term care patients in WinPharm’s pharmacy software workflow without needing to incur fees for a separate system.

eCare Plans

Our eCare plan platform is fully integrated in your pharmacy software to help you manage plans for your patients.

After Hours Support

Never pay for after hours or emergency support. If you need assistance with your pharmacy software or POS our team is here to help!

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Online Filling/Patient Profile

FREE integration into your pharmacy’s website for patients to access their profiles or send quick refills.

EDI and Wholesaler Integration

Easily manage your pharmacy and OTC inventory directly in your pharmacy software system. EDI setup and maintenance included FREE.


Integrated right in your pharmacy software workflow, WinPharm’s robust compounding module does everything you need to manage your pharmacies compounding needs.


Manage MTM opportunities and Outcomes. Optional popup notifications will alert you to an opportunity while filling prescriptions for your patients.

Custom Label Design

Work with our team of installers to design your pharmacy’s label.

Years in Business


(or more) Profit Increase

Hours Saved Daily

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Top Rated Retail Pharmacy Management Software

Our Unique Team

Whether you’re opening a new pharmacy or converting from your current pharmacy software system, our team is with you every step of the way! From our sales to our installers and support, the Datascan team will ensure your set up is an easy one.

  • Diversity Our team is comprised of networking and IT specialists, programmers, and pharmacy technicians. We work together, enabling our support to work diligently and efficiently on any issue or question.
  • Longevity Datascan employees are the happiest employees! Because our turnover is low and our average employee is with us 10+ years, our support team has comprehensive knowledge on our systems and the industry.
  • Response Time Never wait on long holds or wait for a call back. Datascan support offers immediate response times to quickly and efficiently assist you with your pharmacy software and point of sale questions.
  • After hours support is available to help you outside of normal business hours. We include after hours support FREE with your pharmacy software maintenance package.

Our Ownership Over the last decade the pharmacy software industry has seen a record number of consolidations and buyouts by large private equity firms. Datascan remains steadfast in our independent ownership and dedication to the needs of independent pharmacy.

Who owns us? Datascan is second generation family owned. In 1981 Alex Minassian started Datascan. His son Kevin bought the company in *2012* and took the company from a Northeast regional company to a nation-wide company, providing pharmacy software to almost 5 times the number of independent pharmacies.

Client Testimonials

"Great Service"

Ease of use, frequent updates, very affordable compared to the competition. Installation and training included. Highly Recommended!

Brian M. / Owner Manager

"Always available to answer our questions"

Software is easy to use so the transition was seamless. Datascan was able to quickly adjustments which were essential and allowed for an efficient workflow. Has a variety of features that covers just about everything that a pharmacy software could.

Robert D. / Owner, RPH in charge

"Customer service is second to none!"

I have been with Datascan for over 20 yeears. I think they are the best software provider in the USA!!! Great progressive programs, up to date services.

Jeff L. / Owner Manager

Better medication management and patient outcomes with innovative pharmacy software solutions

Datascan Pharmacy Software is the best partner for your independent pharmacy– offering innovative technology solutions designed to help your patients live healthier lives. Our number 1 priority is building an easy to use feature packed pharmacy system that helps you improve your patients quality of care.  Datascan’s customizable workflow helps your pharmacy better manage daily tasks and staff to build more efficiency, bigger profits, and better outcomes.

High volume pharmacies can feel confident partnering with Datascan’s dispensing software

Through our one-of-a-kind system scheduler, your pharmacy can continue to fill more prescriptions with the same level of care and efficiency as always.  Datascan’s system automation is customizable to help your staff focus on providing patients with the best quality care.  Set your pharmacy system up to automatically fill prescriptions, send refill requests, communicate with patients through messaging, and even warn you for underpayments on claims.  System automation allows you to spend more time with patients and less time behind the computer.

Want to learn More?

Schedule a demo today to see how Datascan Winpharm Software can change your pharmacy.