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Specialists In In-Office Physician Dispensing

How can you increase revenue and patient convenience within your practice?

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Our special package pricing helps keep monthly costs down to a minimum.


Providing Pharmacy Software Solutions since 1981, working with Physician Dispensing since 2005.


We have the experience, which helps our team understand your needs and model to better serve you.


Built into our software designed to help run your dispensary, such as our built-in payment accepted module.


With PSAO’s for contracting and wholesalers for pre-pack or loose pack drug dispensing.

What is physician dispensing?

Many states across the US allow physicians to not only prescribe, but dispense medications to their patients directly from their offices. There are requirements and various safety measures physicians must satisfy, and this of course varies state by state. This is not just about additional profits for the practice, but a great convenience for patients as well.

How can Datascan help?

When looking into physician dispensing it’s important to partner with a dispensing software vendor that understands your needs and can also provide you the necessary tools for a successful dispensing model. We have been working with the doctor dispensing model dating back to 2005. With this, we realized that dispensaries do not require the level of support that a retail pharmacy does, nor do they use a fraction of the technology built into our systems — so we built a discounted special dispensary pricing package for this model.

Clients speak about our physician dispensing models

Chris J

Physicians Pharmaceutical

“We have been doing business with Datascan Pharmacy, Inc. since 2006. Datascan’s pharmacy system, Winpharm, and Point-of-Sale system are outstanding software programs capable of handling the smallest medical office dispensary to the largest retail pharmacy. Both systems are extremely user friendly, facilitate quick learning times, and have fast prescription processing and check out times. Datascan’s customer service is second to none as all employees are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that customers are satisfied with the software. To anyone looking for a state-of-the-art pharmacy system, Datascan is solution for all prescription processing and front-end merchandise sales.”

Mark Johnson

Johnson RX, Inc.

“Our dispensary clients are extremely satisfied with Datascan. We like the immediate response and support we receive from the staff, and the ease of use of the software. Training our clients to use the Datascan Pharmacy software package is easy, and does not require a lot of time. Datascan has been more than happy to custom write software to generate the reports that we need! Thank you Datascan for all you do for us.”

We maintain the highest reviews and customer satisfaction ★★★★★ across all platforms


We’ll Help you Explore the Different Dispensary Models

…and help you choose the one that’s right for your practice.

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Cash & Carry

A cash and carry model means you are not processing prescriptions through patient’s pharmacy benefits. Many dispensaries find much success with this model as there is no need to credential with the PBM networks or insurance companies. You’re able to fill any prescription for any patient without worrying about insurance reimbursements. This works particularly well with practices dispensing inexpensive generic medications, compounds, non NDC drugs, and specialty items.

Insurance Adjudication

Many dispensaries choose to credential their practices with PBM networks (payers) to be able to accept patient insurance. This model is very similar to how retail pharmacy is set up. This model involves insurance claims adjudication, patient prescription copayments, and third party reconciliation of claims. Datascan’s pharmacy software includes the ability to process claims to any PBM/plan your practice is credentialed with.

How can you build profits into your practice?

  • Cash and carry model- no PBM reimbursements
  • Total control over inventory
  • Low cost to manage (can use internal staff)
  • Connections with In office Dispensing consulting companies to handle practice management

Is physician dispensing right for you and how can you get started?

Whether your pharmacy software is shutting down, being discontinued, or if you are simply unhappy with the support or the software itself, it’s important to remember that you have choices. Maybe it’s time you tried speaking with a pharmacy software provider who’s independently owned, just like you.

Why Should you Partner with Datascan?

We’re different from other dispensing software products:

We’re different from other dispensing software products: most physician dispensing software products offer minimal functionality with little to no backend support. Our model is a feature-rich system that will allow you to do more than just fill prescriptions. Our support team understands not just our product, but how to assist with getting prescription claims paid by insurance.

We understand physician dispensing better than anyone:

We have experience in this model dating back to 2005 with hundreds of offices across the US.

Competitive pricing that gives you the best bang for your buck:

When you shop us, you will find we are priced among the best-priced systems industry-wide. We don’t claim to be the cheapest – but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true, even in our industry. Whether it’s start-up costs, conversion costs, or monthly fees, you will be impressed with what you get for the money you spend.

We offer top tier support with fast response times:

Call our offices for assistance during normal business hours, and you get trained staff on the phone within under 30 seconds on average. Our IT support staff is not broken up into specialized areas, and they are not split into tiered support levels. Everyone that responds for assistance here is fully trained in pharmacy, claims adjudication, hardware, ALL of our software products, operating systems, and beyond. We have pharmacy technicians that work for us, as well as IT specialists, and they are all trained in all aspects of the business.

We offer after hours & holiday support:

Our after-hours and holiday response times are fast – on average a call back within 5 minutes is to be expected. We have a fail-safe in place, and if the technicians on call do not grab your message to contact you back within 10 minutes, it escalates directly to management.

We make sure no issue goes unresolved:

All support calls are entered into our issue database. If the call requires a follow-up, it has automatic escalations that require staff follow up within certain time frames. If the issue is not updated within the time frame allowed, it escalates automatically to our management and the owner. Our goal is to maintain nothing less than excellent customer service. Our staff is trained in ALL areas of the industry and specialize in both hardware and software!

The best technology and features to help build your practice:

Datascan is always ahead of the curve and the competition on the latest and greatest features to build your profits, increase efficiency, and take you into the future of pharmacy (such as building star ratings with Medicare patients).

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