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Electronic Delivery System

Datascans electronic delivery software for your pharmacy streamlines prescription delivery and helps manage delivery routing, drivers, and more!

Delivery Software For Pharmacies: Electronic
Delivery System

Our state of the art electronic delivery system offers a full service delivery module for your pharmacy. Our seamless integration with both WinPharm and Datascan POS allows you to set up patient deliveries with ease. Datascan delivery software for pharmacies offers a free integration with Google Maps, creating a route plan designed for optimal travel time for delivery drivers. If your pharmacy has a high volume of deliveries, our zoning system allows you to assign patients to specific “zones” and automatically uploads prescriptions to that zone/drivers manifest. Developed in house, Datascan Delivery will take your pharmacy into the future.

  • Split Transactions for non-deliverable items:
    Easily separate items that need to be returned to the pharmacy and only charge patients for what they’d like delivered
  • Alternate payment methods tracked:
    Options for COD, check, and credit card at time of delivery
  • Sync Data Wirelessly:
    (or wired) Send deliveries and signature data over your wi-fi network to the workflow system
  • Credit Card Support at deliveries
    (requires cellular network)
  • Route Optimization for drivers:
    Synchronizes and prioritizes the deliveries with Google Maps
  • Remote signature and payment capture
  • Available on Android and Apple
  • Track co-pays and OTC dollars due:
    And how they were paid at delivery
  • Easy-Synchronization:
    Close out deliveries with ease when drivers return to the store, and account for all monies due
  • Summary View:
    Of all deliveries allows quick status identification through color coding