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Workflow Software

Datascan pharmacy workflow software helps you better manage your pharmacy, prescription locations, deliveries, custom bin management and more! Call for a demo today.

Datascan Workflow Software

Establishing a pharmacy workflow system greatly improves efficiency and reduces filling errors. WinPharm gives pharmacists the ability to customize our pharmacy workflow software, making sure you can fill prescriptions quickly, efficiently, and how you prefer. If your pharmacy is looking for a way to improve your workflow system, the WinPharm multistage workflow software is the best choice!

  • RX Tracking:
    Track RX’s throughout the pharmacy workflow including physical location such as bins/bags, or refrigerator
  • RX Status:
    Verify quickly if RX has been picked up or is still waiting
  • Flexability:
    Set status manually or automatically for RX’s including customizable bins
  • Organize & Schedule deliveries:
    As well as assign them to specific drivers, with the ability to assign money due to drivers accounts for accountability upon closeout
  • Delivery Tracking:
    Track what has been delivered and what needs a re-attempt
  • Financial Tracking:
    Track amounts due from drivers upon returning from deliveries, and auto apply payments collected to customers accounts/invoices
  • Multistage workflow options:
    Choose between 2, 3, 4, or 5 stage workflows, each with custom options and settings