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Mobile Scripts
RX Refill Application

Datascan Mobile Scripts application gives your patients convenience and builds
medication adherence while staying competitive in the market. Patient retention will
increase with this free software!

Datascan Mobile Scripts RX Refill Application

While other Pharmacy Systems charge fees for mobile applications, Datascan offers a user friendly, interactive, FREE mobile refill application. Patients have the option to send quick refills or create a profile to sync up with your pharmacy software and workflow system. Patients will love the ability and convenience of setting pill reminders, viewing drug information, and even receiving message alerts from your pharmacy. Mobile scripts is an amazing addition to your pharmacy workflow system.

  • Apple and Android support:
    Available for both the Android and Apple smartphones
  • FREE:
    No charge to you or your patients
  • Quick Refill:
    Enter RX #’s and quickly sends them right to your pharmacy software!
  • Profile View:
    Patients can view their abbreviated profile and queue up RX’s direct to pharmacy software
  • Set Reminders:
    Patients can setup reminders for when they need to take medications
  • Alerts / Notifications:
    Send Refills Due alerts, RX Not picked up yet, and RX Ready for pickup straight to patient’s smartphone app.
  • Scan & Refill:
    You can scan the barcode on the bottle to send it out for refill