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What Makes Our Pharmacy Management System So Unique

Since 1981 Datascan has serviced the needs of independently owned pharmacies by providing the ultimate trifecta:

Pharmacy Management Software

Whether you’re looking to open a brand new pharmacy or considering a conversion, Datascan Pharmacy System has everything you need to build a successful independent pharmacy.

Why Datascan Over the Competition?

First to Market Technology


Datascan established and sells its very first system


First to Market with a Windows Pharmacy Management System


Developed, tested and released the first point of sale system built around pharmacy


Datascan sells to Kevin Miniassian, becoming second-generation family-owned


Datascan celebrates 40 years servicing Independent Pharmacy


Datascan remains steadfast in its independent ownership. Over the last decade the pharmacy software industry has seen an enormous amount of selloffs, mergers, and acquisitions. Many independently owned vendors have sold off to large private equity firms that continue to acquire other vendors, and consolidate products. Datascan is second generation family owned and operated. We are the independently owned vendor for independent pharmacy.

  • Independently owned and operated since 1981
  • Second generation family owned
  • Superior level service and support
  • Best ranked service industry-wide. 5 Stars!
  • Dedicated staff who knows you by name, not account number
  • All staff is fully trained on all of our products and IT

Company size

Independent pharmacy knows that bigger does not always mean better. In fact, when it comes to pharmacy bigger often means longer wait times, zero personal service and attention, bigger price tags, and inferior support.

  • National footprint: While Datascan is proud to support clients across the US, we are never too big to know who you are
  • We hear you: Because of the size of our client base, we are able to listen to YOU and your unique needs. We are happy to work with you to provide you with custom features.

Our Pharmacy Software System

The team at DataScan knows that you have a lot on your plate, and we’re here to help. Whether it's switching from one software system or opening up shop for the first time ever - our knowledgeable staff will be there every step of way!

A Pharmacy Software System You Can Rely On

Your staff will be able to focus on providing patients with the best quality care by using our one-of -a kind system scheduler. With customizable features, you can customize your pharmacy's prescription filling process according to individual needs and keep everything running like clockwork!

What is the Functionality of a Pharmacy Software System?

Pharmacies need a system to keep track of their workflow, from filling prescriptions and processing them through inventory management. A pharmacy software enables pharmacists with these functions by providing information on when drugs will run out in case they’re needed again soon or not as much volume has been pumped yet so it can be stocked accordingly.

Pharmacy management systems ensure that the right prescriptions are given out at each of their patients’ doses. They also automate refill requests and insurance verification, in addition to following relevant industry regulations so you can rest easy knowing your business is being conducted ethically every step along its way.

The medication reminder system helps providers spend more time on their jobs, so they can focus solely in providing care for patients. The platform also sends out reminders to make sure that people who are prescribed medications don’t forget about them or worse yet; stop taking one of these essential drugs without realizing it.

What is Pharmacy Dispensing Software?

Medication dispensing software, also known as in-office pharmacy or physician’s office system has become an important tool for ensuring patients take their medications. This is because it facilitates the direct transmission of external e prescriptions into your internal drugstore and helps them follow through on each dose properly. The category of medication dispensing covers a wide range and includes any solution that provides workflow management, barcode scanning for claims processing or inventory control purposes.


What are the Benefits of a Pharmacy Management System?
  •  Increased accuracy and efficiency:  With a Pharmacy Management System, your pharmacy can automate many of its tasks, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Improved customer service:  Automation allows your pharmacy staff to focus on customer service and providing counseling to patients.
  •  Reduced costs: A Pharmacy Management System can help you reduce inventory costs, labor costs, and other expenses.
  • Enhanced security: The system can help protect your pharmacy against theft and fraud, as well as ensure compliance with industry regulations

Changing Landscape

Years in Business Helping Clients


(or more) Profit Increase

Hours Saved Daily With Our Software

** Out of over 40 Pharmacy Software Vendors, less than 10 remain independently owned **

** The majority of Pharmacy Software System vendors today are owned by private equity firms **

** Research has shown our competitors wait time for support continues to increase **

** Datascan is proud to be independently owned for over 40 years **

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Datascan Featured Client: Stoneview

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Client Testimonials

"Great Service"

Ease of use, frequent updates, very affordable compared to the competition. Installation and training included. Highly Recommended!

Brian M. / Owner Manager

"Always available to answer our questions"

Software is easy to use so the transition was seamless. Datascan was able to quickly adjustments which were essential and allowed for an efficient workflow. Has a variety of features that covers just about everything that a pharmacy software could.

Robert D. / Owner, RPH in charge

"Customer service is second to none!"

I have been with Datascan for over 20 yeears. I think they are the best software provider in the USA!!! Great progressive programs, up to date services.

Jeff L. / Owner Manager

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