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The Future of Pharmacy Software – What You Should Expect From Your Vendor in 2024 and Beyond

pharmacy software 2024

As the needs of independent pharmacies continue to evolve, the features offered by your pharmacy software need to evolve as well.  Patients continue to expect more—from text messaging and mobile applications to better quality care and service, the list continues to grow.  Most retail pharmacy software systems provide you with the basics, but the best software for pharmacies will include added features that help your business boost profits.  Automated utilities and useful integrations with third party vendors such as eMARs and robotic dispensing machines are just examples of the types of features you should expect from your pharmacy management system.  It’s also equally as important to be sure that your pharmacy system is backed by a fast response, well trained support team who is ready to assist you when you need them.  Pharmacy software vendor ownership and overall size plays an important role in the quality of service you receive.  Most independently owned pharmacy software vendors have since sold off to large private equity firms, which completely shifts focus on what’s important.  You need fast response times, a well-trained staff, and constantly updated technology.  These are all telltale signs of a well-run pharmacy management system.

Today’s modern pharmacy software system should assist you by accomplishing more with less staff and less overhead.  The ability to automate many of your daily tasks such as running reports, processing automatic refills, and reaching out to doctors for refills frees up yours and your staffs time to be involved in tasks that are more hands-on.  As we shift into the future of independent pharmacy, most owners agree that having more time during the day to focus on service and more face-to-face time with patients will produce huge benefits for their businesses.  Pharmacy systems with automation make it easier for staff to stay involved in patient care.

Now a days patients and customers expect the ease and conveniences of mobile applications.  An integrated mobile app that connects directly with your pharmacy management software helps streamline the process of accepting refill requests from patients.  While some vendors integrate with third party mobile applications, Datascan has a proprietary, feature-packed application available for iOS and Android.  The best pharmacy software systems on the market will offer a plethora of bonus features within their apps like payment processing, 2-way chatting, and even family linking.

There are so many moving parts to ensure your independent pharmacy runs smoothly.  When it comes time to your pharmacy software, the number of third-party integrations continues to grow year after year.  From IVR companies, Emar’s, reporting and data aggregators, switch vendors that transmit claims to PBMs, to Surescripts, wholesalers for inventory management and beyond — these third-party integrations make it easy and seamless for your pharmacy to operate. Datascan currently has over 80 third party integrations offered from our pharmacy software solutions.

pharmacy software in 2024

Pharmacy software systems continue to modernize the look and feel of their screens, enhancing the overall user experience.  Pharmacy computer systems have come a long way and as new features and options are added into your system, it’s important to continue to update the overall look.  Users expect a fresh modern feel and as we head into 2024, the best pharmacy systems will offer enhancements to their system.  Datascan has released completely revamped, re-written, updated mobile applications for both patients and delivery drivers, continues to update all screens within our core pharmacy management software product, and has been migrating the backend code of our system to open up the door to even more front-end user enhancements for 2024.

The company or person(s) that owns your pharmacy management software vendor, and their overall size has consistently aligned with the quality of service, response times, and attention you receive as an end-user.  Very similar to chain pharmacies, the larger the company, the more customers, the longer the wait – the more you become a number.  We have seen a huge shift in ownership over the past few years as many independently owned pharmacy software vendors have since sold off to private equity firms.  When it comes to Independent Pharmacy, the old adage “bigger is better” could not be further from the truth.  For independent pharmacy, bigger typically means longer wait times, a bigger price tag, less personal service, and more frustration.  For startup pharmacies looking to open up in 2024 or existing locations looking at a change in pharmacy systems this coming year, it is more important than ever to align yourself with vendors who value you and focus on providing you with an exceptional customer service experience.  Those that are focused on quality and service, not just profits.  Lets face it, private equity firms exist to deliver profits to their investors, so it has to be their focus.  This will make it easier for you to do the same for your patients.

We see Independent pharmacies continue to open up all over the US.  We also work with many pharmacies that have diversified their business to generate profit centers aside from just prescription filling, and are seeing great success. Choosing a pharmacy management system is a big decision, and not something to enter into lightly.  Pharmacy owners should make sure that the vendors they look into are progressive and continuously evolving their products to meet your needs. Remember, your pharmacy software is at the heart of running your business day in and day out.  When choosing a pharmacy system vendor, its imperative you look at reviews across the internet, demo the software, get a clear breakdown of all pricing, do a comparison against other vendors, and find out who owns that company and how many customers the support.  That is who you will be working with on a weekly basis moving forward – so make the right decision.