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The Role of Mobile Apps in Pharmacy Software

pharmacy mobile application

Today’s pharmacy software needs to do so much more than just fill prescriptions.  While most retail pharmacy software systems will build in features to help manage your business, the best software for pharmacies will provide additional features that help you do even more.  Fully integrated mobile applications help your pharmacy operate at peak performance. Patient apps are not only a convenience to the patient, but offer benefits to the pharmacy as well.  Mobile refill applications help patients with medication adherence and compliance and also build profits in your retail pharmacy by making it quick and easy for patients to request refills.  Patient mobile applications can also expand your reach and make it easy for you to stay connected to patients.  Mobile delivery systems, which are fully integrated into your pharmacy computer system streamline your patient home deliveries.  Some of the best pharmacy software delivery systems have robust features like route tracking, payment processing, and even driver tipping.  Nowadays patients expect conveniences—between the speed of Amazon and Netflix, your retail pharmacy needs to offer up quick and easy conveniences that help patients get what they need quickly and easily – such as queueing up a refill in a matter of seconds by clicking a button in the mobile app that will send that fill directly into your working queue in the pharmacy management software.

Patient mobile applications help you stay connected with your patients and gives them better insight into their medication profiles in your pharmacy software.  By offering them an integrated app right on their smart phones, you can make sure you’re able to easily reach out for important reminders or notifications from the pharmacy.  Datascan’s MobileScripts application integrates right into your pharmacy management software so when it comes time to send messages to patients they pop right up on their phone.  You can send alerts to patients for things like refill reminders when a medication is due, ready for pickup alerts, adherence alerts, birthday messages, and even custom 2-way messaging.  Some of the best pharmacy computer systems provide additional features within their mobile apps to provide even more conveniences to patients.  Datascan’s mobile application allows patients to make payments for their prescriptions, send pictures of drivers licenses, insurance cards, and prescriptions, and even allows them to update their demographic information.

Pharmacists have become responsible for ensuring patient medication adherence and compliance, so having integrated patient mobile applications helps manage this.  Your pharmacy software system streamlines things like automatically refilling maintenance drugs and queuing up refill requests to doctors, but providing patients with an app that allows them to view their profile and easily request refills helps them to better manage their prescriptions and coordinate care with your pharmacy staff.  Mobile applications that are synched with patient profiles in your pharmacy management software will allow patients to track prescriptions statuses and know exactly when it’s time for a refill, making it quick and easy to send a request. Mobile refill requests are queued up right in your pharmacy software and you can even choose to completely automate the process and have refills move directly to a dispense or production queue.  Easy to use mobile applications help your pharmacy fill more prescriptions per patient every single day.

pharmacist using mobile application

If your pharmacy is offering home delivery, using a mobile delivery application not only saves you time, but also streamlines your entire delivery process.  Android and iOS based delivery applications that are integrated with your pharmacy management and point of sale software helps organize and track prescriptions enroute to your patients.  By making it easy for patient’s to receive the medications, you can help build more compliance that ultimately helps your pharmacy with star ratings and bigger profits.  Of course using features such as automatic refill and medication synchronization are hugely beneficial when it comes time to adherence, pharmacies must also consider that patients may not be able to make it in to the pharmacy to pick up medications on time, or simply prefer having their prescriptions delivered.

While pharmacy software systems may offer integrations with third party delivery applications, using the application offered by your pharmacy software vendor offers a tremendous amount of convenience for both you and your patients.  Datascan’s mobile delivery application makes it easy to not only set up deliveries, but track and manage deliveries and drivers once they are enroute.  Mobile delivery allows the pharmacy to reroute drivers if necessary and even sends alert to patients when they’re next up for delivery.  Patients can conveniently make payments right at their door via credit card or cash, add tips for their drivers, and receive proof of delivery via email or text.  Patients can request counseling and pharmacists will be notified right in their pharmacy system.  Using a mobile delivery software opens up the door to seamless deliveries!

Mobile applications undoubtedly offer conveniences to both pharmacy staff and patients alike.  The best pharmacy software systems will provide fully integrated robust applications on iOS and Android platforms to help you stay connected with patients, build better medication adherence, and fill more prescriptions.  Mobile Delivery Applications that sync with your pharmacy computer system will offer additional conveniences for patients and pharmacy staff every single day. Gone are the days of patients having to pick up the phone to call in refills, or your pharmacy having to print out paper delivery sheets.  For your pharmacy to stay competitive it’s essential that you offer these conveniences to patients.