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The Benefits of Integrating Full Electronic Prescribing Capabilities in Pharmacy Management Software

doctor holding electronic perscription

Over the last decade electronic prescribing has become a standard across all retail pharmacies.  States across the US continue to require electronic prescriptions, moving away from hand written RX’s.  By now, all pharmacy management software systems should have an integrated electronic prescribing module that supports these requirements, but they should also streamline much of the data entry process.  From added data entry efficiency, to electronic communication with prescribers, and automatic image generation, the best pharmacy software systems on the market today offers robust electronic prescribing capabilities.

To date, only 14 states still do not have electronic prescribing laws, but that is sure to change as the need for more efficient prescription monitoring continues to grow.  Even in the few states that are not requiring e-prescribing, many providers still opt to send prescriptions electronically, directly into pharmacy systems.  For all other states, this mandate means that if your pharmacy computer software does not have a built-in module for accepting electronic prescriptions, you will not be able to receive prescriptions from most doctors. The most robust pharmacy software systems on the market ensure you are able to run your business according to all state and federal requirements. Your pharmacy management software vendor should always be proactive and look to program features that not only keep you compliant, but give you a competitive edge.

One of the biggest benefits of an integrated ERX module is that it makes data entry and prescription processing not only fast, but efficient.  Datascan’s pharmacy software system imports electronic prescription data and populates it directly into the prescription fill screen.  Important fields such as patients, prescribers, and drugs are crossed referenced in your pharmacy software to pull up exact matches and avoid accidental mis-picks.  Additionally, fields like prescription quantity, number of refills, and directions are all automatically populated, making data entry incredibly fast and simple.  While your data fields are populated, the pharmacy management system is also creating a digital prescription image for you to work off of that appears right on the screen.  Your digital prescription image is able to be electronically annotated, allowing you to be completely paperless if you choose, as well as is easy to look up in the pharmacy software system for any future needs.  In the unfortunate instance that your pharmacy is going through an audit, having your electronic prescription images stored right in your pharmacy software will save you and your staff countless hours.  Also, making certain that you have electronic annotations on your prescription images that are saved right in your pharmacy system will ensure that you provide auditors with all of the information they need, without having to search through paper prescription records for countless hours.

Electronic prescribing built right into your pharmacy computer system helps to streamline communication between your pharmacy and doctors.  Not only can doctors send in new prescriptions for patients, but your pharmacy is able to send requests to doctors for refills as well.  In Datascan’s pharmacy software, pharmacies are able to initiate new prescription requests right from their pharmacy software.  Today, software for pharmacies will allow you to send out prescription change requests electronically, if you need clarification or would like to alter an existing electronic prescription.  On top of all of these features, the more updated pharmacy systems are even able to accept discontinuation requests from prescribers.

doctor using pharmacy software

The ability to accept electronic prescriptions into your pharmacy software is imperative, but nowadays you should be able to do even more with your integrated electronic prescription platform.  As new features become available, the best pharmacy software vendors will add these options into your pharmacy system which will open the door to more conveniences and added efficiency.  Our pharmacy management software developers continue to build in new features for electronic prescribing that helps your staff streamline data entry and communication with prescribers.  Surescripts is getting ready to release its new standard which will introduce additional features that you can expect to see in your pharmacy computer system.  One of these features is the ability to transfer prescriptions sent to your pharmacy system, into another pharmacy electronically.  The best pharmacy software systems will continue to work collaboratively with Surescripts to bring you the newest and most advanced technology available.