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Our History

Datascan: A Pioneer in Pharmacy Software Systems

Datascan is one of the few family owned pharmacy software vendors left in the United States today. We have been focused on retail pharmacy software dating back to 1981. Back then, our goal was to bring independent pharmacies into the future by computerizing them and pulling them away from hand written or typewriter based claims. As this industry has evolved, so has our company and our pharmacy focused software. We are proud to say that we have consistently been first to market with ideas and innovation, and one of the first to adopt new technology over decades. From the early adoption of electronic live claims, to electronic prescribing we have always made sure our clients never had to wait for the technology to grow their businesses. Our pharmacy management system streamlines your workflow and helps to build a more efficient pharmacy.

We know the future of pharmacy can still be a great one. The PBM’s and insurance companies have made running your business extremely difficult, and we understand your frustration. It is our job to provide you with the technology to do more, with less – run more efficiently without requiring more staff. Our sole focus is our clients and their needs. Building a better product is part of what we do every day here, and our client feedback goes into the system daily!

First to Market Technology


Datascan established and sells its very first system


First to Market with a Windows Pharmacy Management System


Developed, tested and released the first point of sale system built around pharmacy


Datascan sells to Kevin Miniassian, becoming second-generation family-owned


Datascan celebrates 40 years servicing Independent Pharmacy

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