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Our Pharmacy Management Software streamlines your workflow, builds bigger profits, and builds star ratings as well as medication adherence. Our state of the art pharmacy software can be install in Windows and is fully compatible with iOS Native & Android Native.

Pharmacy Management Software: Winpharm

Our flagship product is Winpharm, our pharmacy management software. It is utilized across the country by independent pharmacies, doctors dispensaries, LTC pharmacies, and hospitals. It is always evolving to build profitability and make your life easier, to do more, without needing more staff. Glance at some of the key features below, and make sure to schedule a demonstration with us ASAP!

  • Tackle DIR Fees: Set custom alerts to manage DIR fees and possible losses at the time of adjudication.  
  • Fully Integrated E-Care Plan: Develop E-Care plans directly in your WinPharm software for free. Help create plans and goals, assess problems, and create followup reminders to ensure your patients have better outcomes.
  • Drug Ordering / Vendor Integration: Set up FREE EDI with multiple vendors to easily create purchase orders and update your inventory and pricing  
  • Revenue Sharing opportunities that help cover the cost of your software: Many revenue sharing programs included FREE that automatically help to improve your bottom line
  • Automatic Remote Backup Services Supported: Don’t worry about backups and your data – let us set up automatic off site back ups to ensure your data is protected
  •  Compounding Scale Integration with Ohaus: Easily perform weight verifications for compounds with our direct integration with Ohaus Scales
  •  Build Star Ratings: Help boost your star ratings and build better patient adherence with WinPharm. With free integrations with Mirixa and Outcomes, our one-of-a-kind adherence dashboard, and many automated utilities to free up your time, WinPharm is designed to make your pharmacy a 5-star pharmacy.
  • Medication Synchronization: Patients taking multiple maintenance medications can benefit from our built-in medsync program. Easily create a sync for individual patients of facilities to better manage medications and compliance.
  • MTM (Medication Therapy Management): built in for both Mirixa and Outcomes
  • Adherence Dashboard: designed to help monitor patient adherence, set alerts, and communicate more effectively
  • Automatic Communication: with patients via Email, Text, Smartphone app, & IVR
  • Automatic Refills Processing: Let WinPharm help process prescriptions for your patients without needing additional staff. Set up and configure the automatic refill system to run how and when you want.
  • Maintenance Medication Utility: Set up automatic refill requests to ensure patients never run out of medication. Customize utilization options and message types.
  • Winpharm Automated Scheduler: Wide range of automated reports and utilities designed to streamline your workflow and free up your time. Configure each utility to run how and when you need it to run for a truly custom workflow.
  • Profit Watcher: Apply pre- and post-editing options to your claims to help alert for potential audits and capture losses upon adjudication.
  • 340B Support: Manage 340B inventory, run detailed dispensing reports, and flag doc’s, patients, and drugs as 340B
  • Customizable software: Pages of options that allow you to choose how the software works, and allows you to design your workflow.
  • Automatic Prior Authorizations: Simplify the prior authorization process with our free Cover My Meds integration.
  • Automatic PA request re-attempts: to rebill Rx’s that have had a PA sent out to the insurance
  • To-Do Queue organized task list: Organize tasks and prescriptions that require follow up, manage and complete tasks from individual queues.
  • Central Filling Queue: Centrally manage all inbound prescriptions requiring data entry and processing. With extensive filter & sort options, you can easily separate prescriptions, prioritize, and process with ease.
  • Coupon Management: Take the guesswork out of coupon processing with our coupon management. Link coupons to the prescriptions they are for and WinPharm does the rest.
  • Customizable Workflow: Not every pharmacy prefers the same workflow. WinPharm gives you 5 options to choose from such as an open workflow, or a queue system workflow. There are additional options and settings for enhanced efficiency.
  •  Medicare & Commercial Plan Lookup: Quickly check for insurance eligibility for commercial insured or Medicare insured patients and have the system automatically create an insurance profile for your patients.
  • Refills Due & RX Not Picked up: Never let your patients go without medication – set up refills due and pick up reminders from WinPharm to ensure your patients are compliant with their prescriptions.
  • Automatic COB Billing: Turn on automatic coordination of benefits for dual eligible patients and never worry about manually billing multiple plans.
  • Electronic RX Inventory Updates: Electronically communicate with your wholesalers to automatically load your pricing and inventory into WinPharm. Works for multiple vendors and multiple accounts.
  • Document Management: Link prescriptions and documents to your patient prescriptions, patient profile, or doctor profile.
  • Mobile Refills: Connect with your patients by offering our FREE mobile refill application for Apple and Android. Patients can send quick refill request or create and account to allow them to access their profile and track prescription statuses. Refill requests queue up directly into your WinPharm system.
  • Web based refills: Offer the same convenience as our mobile application on the computer.
  • Pre & Post Edits: Built into the software to watch over possible audit and reimbursement issues.
  • Electronic Delivery System: Our electronic delivery system, built for Android, allows your drivers to quickly and easily create delivery manifest, integrates with Google Maps to calculate the fastest route, and syncs back up with your pharmacy software to collect signatures.
  • Foreign Language: SIG codes & Monographs supported
  • Color Coded Statuses: help to quickly identify the status of an RX
  •  National Doctor Database: allows quick addition of new Dr’s in software
  •  Compound drug module: We offer a robust compounding module integrated directly into our solution. We offer digital scale integration in our simple to use system.
  • Enhanced Escript capabilities: that include suggested fill order, bulking same patient RX’s together, and of course, controlled substance E-prescribing
  • Workflow Manager: allows you to quickly setup and manage deliveries, bin management, and bulk patients together within a facility for deliveries
  • Nursing Home Package built in: allows you to service LTC, nursing and assisted living facilities at no extra cost to you
  • Customizable Reports: with enhanced filtration features give you a detailed picture of your business from all aspects
  • Plethora of interfacing: from USPS, Fedex, and UPS for mailorder or shipping, to Quickbooks we have you covered. We support multiple robotic vendors, IVR vendors, and services you have probably heard about such as IMedicare, IMS data reporting, multiple switch vendors, and open support for the credit card industry. This means you are never locked into a relationship you are unhappy with, and our capabilities are endless!

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