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Datascan Featured Client: Stoneview

Datascan Featured Client: Stoneview

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Another Conversion Success Story – Out with the Old, and in with Datascan! Finding a niche in independent pharmacy helps to set your business apart from the competition.  While it can be difficult to compete with the chains, focusing on a specialized area of pharmacy builds customer loyalty and success. Working collaboratively with the right partners is essential and can make or break your business.  For Zach Hanks, owner of Stoneview Pharmacy in Gilbert, Arizona, his partnership with Datascan Pharmacy Software has helped to revolutionize his business and garner growth and success. 

(D) What are some of the ways you’re setting your pharmacy apart from other independents and also the chains? 

(ZH) We only focus on a few disease states and develop relationships with providers, patients, and drug manufacturers within those disease states. This allows us to be “the pharmacy” for many providers who have patients with specialized needs.  It has also helped us to be able to keep overhead costs down and operate with less inventory than a traditional retail pharmacy would. 

(D) What are some of the unique services you offer to your patients?

(ZH) We offer free next-day delivery to all of our patients.  They also have the ability to manage their prescriptions online, both via the web and mobile.  They can request refills, transfers, checkout, and track their prescriptions from their phone or computer.  Datascan’s apps have made it super easy and convenient for our patients to manage their medications, request refills, and schedule deliveries. It’s also helped us to free up time for our staff so they can focus on marketing to providers and working closely with our patients. 

(D) Aside from everyday functions, what features are you using to help better organize your workflow, build efficiency, and medication adherence with your patients? 

(ZH) We utilize the custom workflow statuses a good amount.  This enables us to know what’s going on with a prescription at any given time.  Because pharmacy is not “one size fits all” we really wanted to find a solution that allowed us to customize much of our workflow.  Datascan’s pharmacy software has the ability to create our own workflow and set up customized statuses that help us better manage prescriptions all day long. 

(D) What other revenue generating areas do you focus on in your business aside from filling prescriptions? 

(ZH) We recently opened a non-sterile compounding lab in our pharmacy and are in the process of adding a sterile clean room as well.  Because compounds are mostly cash, we’re able to fill these prescriptions without worrying about low PBM reimbursements or clawbacks.  Compounding is not something offered by the chains or mail order pharmacies and not something everyone offers.  This means local providers work directly with us to send patients when they have a compounded medication.  We’ve been able to use the compounding features and workflow in Winpharm seamlessly.  It’s nice that we don’t need another product, but can incorporate what we’re already using into our compounding lab.    

(D) What advice would you give someone looking to open a community pharmacy? 

(ZH) Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.  It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it if you’re passionate about it.  Finding the right partners that support your efforts is important.  As independent pharmacists we focus on quality patient care, something the chains are simply too big and too busy to do.  Working with vendors who treat us the way we treat our patients has allowed us to continue doing what we love. 

(D) You were using another software system before you moved over to Datascan.  What made you choose us? 

(ZH) First and foremost I immediately noticed that I would receive much more personal help than using some giant company.  The pricing and customization was a huge bonus for us too.  The team at Datascan truly cares about our business and it shows.

(D) How was your conversion from your previous vendor? 

(ZH) Conversions are never easy but the switch to Datascan was as good as I could have hoped for. The onsite techs made sure we were comfortable and put our minds at ease throughout the entire process.  They came as strangers and left as friends.

(D) Since you’ve been with Datascan, can you tell us what you like about working with us?  Is there anything you preferred from your old vendor? 

(ZH) The availability of the help desk is far superior than with our prior vendor.  When we call someone picks up the phone immediately and most of the time resolves any issue we have right then and there.  The techs are knowledgeable and able to answer any questions we have instead of transferring us all over the place.  

(D) What would you say to someone who’s not happy with their vendor but nervous to make a switch? 

(ZH) We were forced to make a change because our prior vendor was shutting down, but having known what I do now I would have made the change much sooner.  There was a lot of anxiety leading up to our switch, but the process was smooth and the training was simple.  We are so much happier now.  We’re using a system that costs less and gives us so much more.  People need to trust in the process and definitely make the move if they aren’t happy.