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5 Ways Datascan Will Improve Your Pharmacy Operations

improve pharmacy operations 2021

How can you set your independent pharmacy up for success?  By making sure your two most important vendors are carefully chosen.  First, your pharmacy wholesaler.  The pricing, tiered discounts, availability, and of course how fast they can deliver are all extremely relevant to your overall success.   Partnering with the right pharmacy software vendor is also one of the most fundamental ways you can build a profitable and successful community pharmacy.  Using the technology and tools provided by your pharmacy management system helps you streamline daily tasks, analyze your business, and build more revenue through efficiency.

Increased Prescription Profits

Datascan’s pharmacy management system is packed full of features to help your pharmacy boost profits.  From reports to manage and analyze your business, to automated utilities to run daily tasks, our focus is on helping your pharmacy make more money!   Our pharmacy software helps your staff manage claims with pre and post edit warnings to sweep prescriptions before and after adjudication.  Our post edit warnings are color coded to easily warn pharmacy staff of losses on claims.  Winpharm’s integrated DIR estimator helps pharmacy staff manage DIR, GER, and BER fees linked to claims, showing you a net reimbursement in real time.  Our pharmacy system also helps you fill more prescriptions through auto fill automation.  Easily process auto refills, future fill hold RX’s, and even Med Sync prescriptions through our one-of-a-kind scheduler.

Inventory Management

Datascan’s inventory management system in Winpharm and our pharmacy based point of sale help to regulate inventory levels, avoid over ordering, and better manage items in stock.  Both Winpharm and Datascan POS offer free integration for EDI to make ordering, shopping across multiple vendors, as well as updating inventory and acquisition costs easier than ever!  As your largest overhead, inventory can often be overwhelming to manage.  Datascan’s pharmacy software systems make managing inventory simple and efficient.

Build Customer Loyalty

Patients choose your independent pharmacy for so many reasons!  Datascan’s pharmacy software helps you continue providing patients with exceptional service and care.  Offering conveniences like automatic refills, med sync, text and email notifications, home delivery, and immunizations are just some of the ways you can use your pharmacy system to help build customer loyalty.  Datascan’s point of sale system includes a customer rewards and loyalty program!  Track customer purchases, assign points for every dollar they spend, and incentivize your customers to continue shopping in your independent pharmacy.

Improve Efficiency

There are many ways to help improve efficiency in your pharmacy.  Our pharmacy management software includes options to help your pharmacy better manage day to day operations.  Our customizable multi-step workflow gives you the ability to choose exactly how to fill prescriptions from a basic workflow to a 5-step queue system.  Busier pharmacies can take advantage of barcode verification at our dispense and filling queues, and even choose where and when to print labels.  Integrated workflow helps reduce filling errors and helps manage pharmacy staff.  Our prescription fill screen can also be customized to include pop up checks to verify things like prescription written date and proper DAW codes.

Increase Star Ratings

Pharmacy performance is very important when it comes time to lowering DIR fees and improving your star ratings. Better patient medication adherence and compliance directly results in lower fees and bigger profits on your prescriptions.  Utilities like auto refill and med sync have proven to help improve medication compliance for patients while also resulting in more prescriptions filled per patient. Making sure your patients are not out of refills on their maintenance medications is easier than ever.  First, we have a hard stop if you use the last refill of a maintenance medication that offers you a quick click to send the Dr an electronic or fax request for a new prescription.  But if you’re concerned there could be some that were missed, our maintenance medication utility can be set to run at your own custom intervals in our pharmacy scheduler.  The utility will automatically scan patient profiles and find maintenance prescriptions that recently ran out of refills, and automatically reach out to the respective doctors for new prescriptions.  When these requests are sent out, they are parked in their own queue to work from and manage these outstanding requests.  Once a doctor responds, it moves from this workable queue, into the central fill queue that you work from daily.  It’s a pretty smart and intuitive system, that can help you run a more efficient independent pharmacy with less help behind the counter.

To find out more about Datascan’s pharmacy management software and how we can help you improve your pharmacy operations reach out to our sales team for more information!