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Improve Your Pharmacy’s Performance with Datascan Software

You work tirelessly day in and day out making sure your pharmacy operates at peak performance.  Your star ratings and rankings help determine your reimbursements and DIR fees from part D plans.  Pharmacists are a key part of overall patient care, relying on improved point of care services in order to produce better outcomes.  Community pharmacies all over the United States have created in house programs tailored towards specific patients and their needs.  Programs like Medication Synchronization, Automatic Refills, patient reminder alerts, delivery services, and even in-house immunization services all help to improve how your pharmacy is rated.

With so many available options in your Datascan Pharmacy Software, working side by side to manage your patient’s chronic medications has never been easier.  Utilities like Automatic refill and MedSync are not only customizable but can be completely automated in your pharmacy software.  The ability to communicate with your patients through text messaging, email, and even IVR calls is also included in your pharmacy software with options to customize notifications and send them automatically.WinPharm manages and improves your pharmacy’s performance through our one-of-a-kind adherence dashboard.  With options to view specific plans, medications, and disease states, you can quickly and easily focus on non-compliant patients.  Integrated right into your pharmacy software, you can track adherence and see how your patients are managing their medications.

Better patient care management does not have to be difficult or interrupt your pharmacy’s workflow.  By utilizing the features in software systems in your daily operations you save time and money, and ultimately will save on DIR fees, build reimbursements, customer retention, efficiency, and profits!  Datascan customers are encouraged to speak with our support team about any features they’re interested in using and how we can help manage medications to improve pharmacy performance.