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Pharmacy Software by Datascan

Independently Owned Software for Independent Pharmacies

Helping Clients For Over 40 Years!

We Consistently Maintain ★★★★★ 5-Star Reviews Across Review Sites


Turning Struggles Into Solutions

Since 1981 Datascan has offered game-changing and affordable pharmacy software solutions to independently owned pharmacies and dispensaries across the US. Our client-focused features are designed to tackle DIR fees, increase profits, and build customer retention. Datascan supports the evolution of the pharmacy industry and as your needs change we are ahead of the competition with first to market features built in house, directly into your pharmacy software system.

The Datascan Pharmacy Software Suite

Best Software for Pharmacies

Pharmacy Management

  • Build Star Ratings
  • Medication Synchronization built-in
  • MTM (Medication Therapy Management)
  • Adherence Dashboard
  •  Automatic Patient Communication
  • Automatic Refills processing
  •  Built-in E-Care Plan
Pharmacy Point Of Sale Software

Point of Sale (POS)

  • SIGIS certified
  • PSE (Pseudoephedrine) tracking
  • Customize Sales
  • Sales / Coupon Tracking
  • Wholesaler Shopping
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Customizable Reports
Pharmacy Electronic Prescription Software

Delivery System

  • Android Market capable
  • Sync Data Wirelessly
  • Credit Card Support at deliveries
  • Route Creation for drivers
  • Track co-pays and OTC dollars due
  • Easy-Synchronization
  • Alternate Payment Methods Tracked

Benefits of Working with Datascan

Unique Customer Service

We can prove we have the best customer service industry wide! Our response times are the fastest, our staff is comprised of brilliant technology driven individuals and pharmacy technicians, and the technology we employ internally makes sure your work orders are handled in a timely fashion. Call us to find out more about pharmacy rx software or RX Systems!

Features & Software Updates

We release features and technology before the competition ensuring Datascan is the best pharmacy software on the market!We are also extremely experienced in pharmacy software conversions—so if you are considering a move away from your current pharmacy program, give us a call


Datascan helps lead the industry through innovation and cutting edge features! Daily we improve our system to make sure you have the best features possible.


You become a client, a member of our family, NOT a number like the chains treat patients! (or how some of the huge companies we compete with treat their software clients)

Build a Future For Your Pharmacy or Dispensary

It was controlled E scripts one year, and Medicare Star Ratings the next. Whatever the future holds for our industry, Datascan will always be on top of innovating our technology to make sure your business can thrive!

Datascan Pharmacy Software Will Help You Increase Profits

Getting your Pharmacy start-up off on the right foot is key to your success. Let our software help guide you to a smooth and profitable grand opening.

We specialize in Pharmacy Software Conversions – ask about our Free Conversions from your current pharmacy software vendor.

Independently Owned.
Just Like You.

We’re family owned & focused, competitively priced, ahead of the competition with technology, and help you build profit centers. And because we build real relationships with all of our clients, we can offer truly personalized customer service.

What Sets us Apart?

If you’re in the market for pharmacy software, your concerns are likely threefold: Pricing, Technology, and Service. And these are the three foundational pillars of our existence. Remember, we’re a privately held company – just like you – so we understand and respond to the demands of our customers by focusing on what matters to them first.

What Our Customers are Saying

“When working with a vendor, reliability and responsiveness is key to maintaining a productive relationship. Datascan has a great support team that will go the extra mile to make sure your system is working at the highest capacity. Datascan also aligns itself with partners that provide the highest level of service.”

Christopher B.

“After reviewing 5 different vendors throughly we decided to go with Winpharm and have no regrets. The staff from sales to service is amazing and would highly recommend to anyone who is exploring a new pharmacy software.”

Nitesh P.

“Datascan system is very user friendly. Best is the support staff if they are needed. They excel at customizing how your system runs because they write the programs themselves. Other systems I have used would say “That’s a good point. I’ll send it to the programmers to review.” Those changes never got done! Not the case with Datascan!”

Glenn O.

“We have been a client of Datascans for over 25 years now. Their staff is very customer friendly and provide excellent customer support. Their quick response time to problems allows us to keep our pharmacy running efficiently.”


Slater Pharmacy

“I have had the pleasure in working with Datascan since 1984.They are an innovative “State of the Art” company who will do whatever they can to help you run your pharmacy from prescription, DME and nursing home processing to POS systems. They work hand and hand with it’s customers creating customized programs when needed and are always open to new ideas.”

Ken Villani

110 Pharmacy & Surgicals

“Our dispensary clients are extremely satisfied with Datascan. We like the immediate response and support we receive from the staff and the ease of use of the software. Training our clients to use the Datascan Pharmacy software package is easy, and does not require a lot of time. Datascan has been more than happy to custom write software to generate the reports that we need! Thank you Datascan for all you do for us.”

Mark Johnson

Johnson RX, Inc.

Client Success Stories

Datascan Featured Pharmacy: NuCare, Ocean Park & Fran Hill

Datascan Featured Pharmacy: NuCare, Ocean Park & Fran Hill

Russell Shvartsshteyn, owner of multiple independent pharmacies, NuCare Pharmacy and Surgical, Ocean Park Drugs and Surgical, and Fran Hill Pharmacy and Surgical, is no stranger to the difficulties of running a successful independent pharmacy.  Partnering with an innovative pharmacy software vendor that offers a tremendous amount of technology has...

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Datascan Featured Pharmacy: Accudose

Datascan Featured Pharmacy: Accudose

Successful independent pharmacy owners have come to understand that finding a niche will make or break their businesses.  Pharmacist Mark Franceschelli, owner of Accudose Pharmacy in Boardman, OH has found his.  As we continue to see pharmacists playing a much larger role in patient care, enhanced medication management has become the key to seeing better...

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Datascan Featured Pharmacy: Cherry’s Pharmacy

Datascan Featured Pharmacy: Cherry’s Pharmacy

Cherry’s Pharmacy, located on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan, is a specialized pharmacy catering to the needs of children and families. Underneath the bright red awning is a small storefront packed full of carefully selected items for your medicine cabinet, and a dedicated staff that is willing to answer your every sleep-deprived question concerning your family’s health. Charles Tabouchirani, pharmacist and father of two, is the sole proprietor.

The first time I visited Cherry’s Pharmacy, I was blown away at how strategically stocked the pharmacy is. If you’ve ever been to a retail store in Manhattan, you know that space is limited, but in Cherry’s Pharmacy, despite the small blueprint, there is a huge energy among not only the staff but the customers, too…

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What to Expect from Pharmacy in 2021

What to Expect from Pharmacy in 2021

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5 Ways Datascan Will Improve Your Pharmacy Operations

5 Ways Datascan Will Improve Your Pharmacy Operations

How can you set your independent pharmacy up for success?  By making sure your two most important vendors are carefully chosen.  First, your pharmacy wholesaler.  The pricing, tiered discounts, availability, and of course how fast they can deliver are all extremely...

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What You Need to Know About Pharmacy Billing Software

What You Need to Know About Pharmacy Billing Software

For many pharmacists considering opening an independent pharmacy there can be confusion surrounding claims and billing.  Unlike other types of medical billing, pharmacy billing is done in real time—providing pharmacy owners with immediate adjudication responses from...

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Independent Pharmacy is leading the COVID vaccine rollout

Independent Pharmacy is leading the COVID vaccine rollout

Independently owned pharmacies have transitioned from a primary focus on filling prescriptions to transitioning to healthcare professionals.  Today, they offer a wide-range of clinical services while playing a much larger role in patient health.  No longer are...

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