Specialty Pharmacies

As PBM networks are forcing more and more patients to use a specialty pharmacy for certain medications, we are seeing many retail pharmacies gain accreditation to service specialty patients. Specialty Pharmacy comes with many requirements and demands. Our pharmacy management software is designed to help keep your pharmacy compliant. Create your own initial and follow up questionnaires with completely customizable questions and answers, schedule follow-ups, and easily manage and maintain patient records. Questionnaires can be applied to patients, drugs, or diseases. In addition to our specialty questionnaire queue, pharmacies have the freedom to design their own specialty workflow separate from their day to day retail workflow. Create and label queues, manage pending prescriptions, and easily and efficiently handle your specialty prescriptions from start to finish. WinPharm pharmacy software makes it simple and manageable to maintain your specialty accreditation.

  • Asembia 1 specialty reporting interface available
  • Integrated custom specialty workflow
  • Create and manage intake questionnaires
  • Create and manage follow up questionnaires
  • Assign questionnaires to patients, drug,
    or diseases
  • Schedule follow ups for patients
  • …. And much more!

WinPharm continues to evolve and grow with the needs of our compounding pharmacies.

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