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Datascan Believes Investing in Health will Produce Enormous Benefits

“Investing in health will produce enormous benefits.” Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Community pharmacists, we must invest not only back into their businesses but into their patients.  It has become our responsibility to not only fill their prescriptions but manage overall patient health.  This can place a huge burden on the already overworked and underpaid pharmacist.

But fear not!  By harnessing the technology and tools built into your pharmacy management software you can help your patients, invest the time, and reap the potentially enormous benefits.

Pharmacy management software should be designed to help you streamline your day to day workflow, freeing up your time to better tend to your patients and focus on their health, as well as find ways to build profits back into your independent pharmacy.  Think about it this way, if you want to retain your patients, and keep them from going to the competition, especially chain pharmacies, what’s the best way to set yourself apart?  The closer you are to your patients and the more time you can spend helping them to produce better health-based outcomes, the less likely they are to ever leave you.

Now all you need is the time:

The tools in your pharmacy management software open up endless opportunities to go beyond the fill screen.  With reimbursements rapidly declining and the shift in pharmacist responsibility, it is now necessary to do more.

Datascan’s pharmacy management software packs in an abundance of free technology that make it easy to invest in patient health.  For the utmost efficiency, Datascan’s pharmacy software allows you to automate many of our advanced utilities.

Features like automatic refill, MedSync, text messaging, and even prescription refill requests can be set up to process automatically.  Think about it; if the pharmacy management software can process claims, reach out to your patients and doctors, all automatically, that’s more time you can spend working with your patients to give them the care they need as well as work with them on understanding their prescriptions, and even recommend OTC items.

“As key members of the healthcare team, pharmacists have the opportunity to educate patients about their medications,” according to Drug Topics.  You are an important piece of a patient’s “healthcare” puzzle.  What hinders the ability to counsel and work with patients is time. Pharmacy management software continues to evolve every day to help community pharmacists accomplish more.

If you take the time to stay on top of the feature and program updates, as well as work them into your day to day operations, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a much better position to work with your patients and give them the best care possible.