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Datascan New Partner/Integration: CPESN

Who is CPESN and what do they do?

CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network) is a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies across the US.  A clinically integrated network is a collection of health care providers that demonstrates value to the market by working together to facilitate the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time to improve patient care and decrease overall healthcare costs. The primary objective of CPESN is quality improvement through new enhanced services and improvement on existing service offerings.  By being a part of CPESN, participating pharmacies can engage with each other to improve the quality of care offered to patients and to offer value to payers through enhanced services and lower costs.  CPESN is clinically integrated which allows its networks of higher quality, lower-cost pharmacies to engage with payers.

What is an eCare Plan?

The Pharmacist eCare plan is a standard that allows pharmacy technology providers to have a common method of exchanging information related to care delivery, including patient goals, health concerns, active medication list, drug therapy problems, laboratory results, vitals, payer information, and billing for services.  This will allow for a true collaboration of care between pharmacists and doctors, with the goal to provide better outcomes for patients’ overall health in the future.

What is the collaboration between Datascan and CPESN?

As the independent pharmacy industry has shifted towards an integrated patient point of care services, Datascan Pharmacy Software has developed technology to assist clients in building out pharmacist eCare plans.  Without the need for additional third party companies, though clinical dashboards within WinPharm, Datascan clients have the necessary tools to build goals with their patients, manage problems, and assist in clinical interventions.

If your pharmacy is a part of a local or national CPESN network, speak with us, and find out how you can start using the eCare plan dashboard in your Datascan system. This integration with CPESN is completely FREE for our customers.  Datascan will be providing customers with training videos and educational resources to help guide you through creating and developing care plans.