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How Datascan is Helping Pharmacies Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis

How Datascan is Helping Pharmacies Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, pharmacies are one of the most essential businesses to remain operational during these difficult times. No matter who we are or where we’re from, we have all been affected by the spread of the coronavirus. We are settling into a new normal as businesses are closing, schools are shutting down, and we are facing self-isolation in our homes for the foreseeable future. Businesses deemed “essential” have been fortunate enough to remain operational, albeit there have been major changes to the day-to-day workflows and practices for all. Here at Datascan Pharmacy Software, we are proud and even feel fortunate to support those pharmacies standing on the front lines of the pandemic. Community pharmacies all across the country have adapted and continue to overcome difficulties due to the novel coronavirus.

All businesses that remain open and essential have implemented safety measures to help keep their employees and patients healthy and safe. Some of our pharmacies have restricted patients to curbside pickup and delivery only, hoping to avoid overcrowding and spreading the virus within their stores. Patients are also not being required to sign for prescriptions, credit cards, or deliveries. Measures like these help keep pharmacy employees safe by limiting the amount of contact they have with patients.

Datascan is proud that our family of independent pharmacies has continued to serve their communities through these difficult times. While many of our pharmacies already offered delivery services, for some, this is an entirely new concept. To help ease the burden, Datascan Pharmacy Software is offering its electronic delivery system FREE to all pharmacies during this pandemic. Pharmacies can create deliveries, accept credit card information over the phone, and simply send a contact-less delivery to patients. With the pharmacy delivery app, drivers can sync with Google Maps to coordinate the deliveries and route prioritization. They can also track what deliveries are complete, which still need to be made, and any failed attempts which will all synchronize back to Datascan’s Winpharm Pharmacy Management Software once the driver returns to the store. Many pharmacies have also taken advantage of the communication platform within Datascan’s pharmacy software to alert patients that their prescription orders are on the way.

Datascan’s notification system has been incredibly helpful for many independent pharmacies during this time. Now more than ever, it’s important for pharmacies to reach out to patients and make sure they’re refilling and receiving their medications. Communicating with patients through Winpharm Pharmacy Management Software is incredibly easy and our staff continues to be available to train and set up text and email alerts for any pharmacies not already using these features. Notifications can be automated to alert patients when prescriptions are ready for refill, ready for pickup, to remind them for pickup, and also for adherence reminders. Pharmacies are also able to customize and send out mass communication to patients. This bulk messaging concept has been a huge help for pharmacies that have adjusted hours and placed strict restrictions on in-store shopping. Some pharmacies have also utilized traditional mail to create informational leaflets to send to their patients notifying them of store policy changes and how the pharmacy is helping. Winpharm supports a patient mailing label module to help pharmacies quickly print mail labels to send to patients. Whether your patients prefer mobile messaging or snail mail, Datascan has the resources built in to help you help your patients.

Many compounding pharmacies have been making hand sanitizer to sell as it has become extremely scarce in many traditional stores. Expanded delivery, hours, OTC sales and patients trying to take care of themselves better have all been recognized throughout our industry. It is encouraging to see our communities working so hard to continue servicing their patients. As we all remain hopeful that things will go back to “normal” soon, it is not without extreme gratitude that we remain steadfastly dedicated to providing our pharmacies with exceptional service and support. We are proud and optimistic that the efforts of our pharmacists, pharmacy staff, and all healthcare workers will only help flatten the curve and pull us out of this unprecedented time. Operators must remember that there are many things they can do with Datascan’s Pharmacy Software  to help keep their pharmacies profitable and operational.

Many weeks ago, Datascan made the decision that although we are essential as a technology company in the healthcare industry, that we would have our staff work remotely. Even with these measures in place, some of our staff unfortunately still contracted the disease through other sources. We are fortunate to have taken these steps back when we did, because having this spread throughout our offices and staff would have taken a severe toll on our abilities to serve our pharmacy clients. Today when a pharmacy calls in, it seems no different on their side, with our same staff answering the phones typically within 60 seconds or less, ready to assist with any questions or issues. Our goal is to continue building out our software, improving upon it, and fully servicing our customer base throughout this pandemic, with the hope that we all come out stronger on the other side. Contact us to talk with the Datascan support staff about some of the ways your system can help you reach out to patients, better manage deliveries, and ensure you’re continuing to provide efficient and superior service.

We are here for all of you. Stay safe. Be well. And again, we are here for you days, nights, and weekends. Datascan’s staff thanks all of our clients out there on the front line serving their patients and communities.