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Cerner Retail Shutting Down

Cerner Retail Shutting Down

Is your Pharmacy Software Shutting down or being acquired?

Are you one of many independent pharmacy owners left searching for a new system?

Cerner Retail joins list of Pharmacy Software Vendors Shutting down service to Independent pharmacy owners.

The landscape of the pharmacy software industry is changing fast, and not necessarily for the better. Many vendors continue to sell off, merging with other system vendors, all owned by huge private equity investment firms. Several vendors have even announced complete shut downs of their retail pharmacy software platforms forcing independent pharmacy owners to search for new systems.

Just recently Cerner Retail announced that they will no longer be supporting their product come the end of 2023. This comes after previously announcing that support will cease at the end of 2022. Pharmacies are left frustrated by rapid declines in support, service, and functionality. Cerner follows HBS (Health Business systems) who was acquired by another private equity owned vendor TDS Health, who then sunset / shut down the product shortly after. McKesson, the largest pharmacy wholesaler in the US, sunset both their Pharmacy RX and Pharmaserv platforms, both of which provided software to independently owned pharmacies. PDX also recently announced they would be shutting down their software that was used by independent pharmacies nationwide.

Within the last few years, QS1 and Integra systems was acquired by Red Sail Technologies, who then also acquired and merged with Pioneer RX. Independent Pharmacy owners are left wondering, “will my software vendor be next?” Now more than ever it’s so critical for pharmacy owners to partner with vendors who understand their concerns, frustrations, and goals. Community pharmacies want great technology, backed by fast, reliable support, without overpaying for it. You should not have to wait 10 minutes on hold to talk to support, and you need to have a voice with your pharmacy software vendor—not be a number.

Since 1981, Datascan has partnered with independently owned pharmacies across the US to provide a user experience that is truly unique. As the oldest independently owned pharmacy software vendor nation-wide, we continue to focus on providing customers with innovative and affordable technology solutions that help your businesses succeed. We continue to be the most highly rated pharmacy software vendor across the market, maintaining a near 5-star reputation. We are proud to have the longest customer retention rates industry wide, the quickest turnaround time for issues and tickets, and the fastest response times in customer service and support. We continue to lead the industry with the latest features tailored to your needs as an independently owned pharmacy. We focus on building in technology that maximizes profits, lowers DIR fees, builds patient adherence, and makes it easy and convenient for your patients to stay in touch with your pharmacy.
If you are left wondering what’s next for your pharmacy and questioning the reliability of your software vendor, or are being pushed to another product, you need to speak with the Datascan sales team today. Let us work together with you to make your independent pharmacy even more profitable and efficient. You have choices and options when it comes to choosing a vendor partner, and nobody understands the needs of independent pharmacy like Datascan.