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Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems: A Prescription for Success

In today’s complex world of healthcare, the local pharmacy plays a vital role in our community’s well-being.  Customers look to their neighborhood pharmacies as a trusted source of healthcare information and rely on them for assistance with complex medication management.  With chronic diseases on the rise and the expansion of health insurance, the frequency of customer interaction has significantly increased.  Pharmacy inventories have also evolved to include much more than just medicinal drugs. They are now the go-to resource for everyday essentials.

A pharmacy inventory management system is critical to capitalizing on these growth opportunities.  Pharmacy management software development is a business application that can track inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries. The process is streamlined by eliminating multiple haphazard sources of information and replaces them with a single location for up-to-the-minute inventory data. Thus, overstocking and product outages become a thing of the past. Identifying stock that is going to expire within a time period also helps to alleviate monetary losses.

Pharmacy management software development with strong inventory management and ordering system built-in will optimize business efficiency and exponentially improve your pharmacy’s bottom line. Staff can now focus on their areas of expertise and will be able to spend more time cultivating customer relationships. This type of management system further enhances those connections by maintaining key details of the pharmacy’s consumer base.   Software that helps manage pharmacy inventory not only allows you to manage your stock but also watch over your pricing and shop across your drug wholesalers.  Forecasting within the software also gives you the data to anticipate future patient demand. Datascan’s inventory management system even allows pharmacies to maintain perpetual inventory on not just one, but up to 4 separate inventory categories.  Pharmacies can separate and manage standard, 340b, and up to two unique inventories easily and efficiently.  Our EDI (electronic data interchange) system also simplifies this process by automatically generating and exporting purchase orders to multiple wholesale vendors.  This will also automatically pull down your pharmacy’s invoices and update inventory and drug costs for each inventory category.

Supply-side processes are also streamlined through more efficient purchasing and payment mechanisms. Thus, allowing the pharmacy to keep up with growing demand while maintaining strong business relationships.
Ultimately, inventory systems ensure a healthy business so pharmacies can focus on keeping their customers happy.