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5 Reasons Why Doctors Start Dispensing Medications to Patients

5 Reasons Why Doctors Start Dispensing Medications to Patients

Many states across the US allow physician dispensing, where doctors can dispense medications from their offices. Datascan Pharmacy Software has worked with physician dispensaries for over 15 years helping them properly manage dispensing. Datascan offers a unique pharmacy management software package tailored to the specific needs of in-office dispensing, including our discounted package price making it the best choice for doctors.

Dating back to 2005, Datascan has worked with companies that specialize in setting up physician dispensing while protecting the relationships and contracts these organizations have with each dispensary.  We also have had doctors offices reach out to us directly as they begin their venture into dispensing medications within the practice and we have assisted them with their software needs as well as advice / free consulting on what they need to do in order to have a successful dispensary.

Today, Datascan is proud to service doctors offices all over the country, and we do it differently than the competition.  Many pharmacy management software companies have limited to no experience and high pricing that make it difficult for the physician dispensing model.  On the other hand, you have software companies that focus solely on physician dispensing and have a transaction based model, where you end up paying them even to dispense cash prescriptions. Datascan’s unique pricing model makes their software a no-brainer for independent dispensaries helping their clients maximize profits while improving work-flow.

Furthermore, we have had many clients come to us because although these companies may have a very low cost to start up, and very small monthly fees, as they build their prescription volume, they find themselves paying a lot more monthly, and find that support is difficult to get in touch with.  Datascan’s support team is available to our doctors offices just as they are to retail pharmacies – day, nights, and weekends, with after-hours support is available and included in what you pay us.

Datascan’s support team is ready to help with any questions your technicians may have, even assisting in getting insurance claims paid, or as we call it, claims adjudication assistance.  There are no limits to how often you call, and our support is the best in the industry.  If you are a doctors office and you are considering dispensing medications within your practice, Datascan is definitely the best choice for dispensing software. 

There are many reasons doctors may be considering dispensing out of their office:

1. A great way to build profits- many doctors are finding in office dispensing to be an additional source of revenue for their practice.

2. Convenience for patients- patients find it incredibly convenient to pick up medications from their doctors office during a visit.

3. Better adherence of patient medications- Several doctors find that by dispensing medications at the time of patients appointments, patients are more likely to fill and take their prescribed medications, and have an easier time accessing the medications they need.

4. Patient loyalty- physician dispensing helps build better patient loyalty within your practice!

5. Greater use of low-cost alternatives- doctors can help patients choose affordable options.

If you are interested in adding dispensing to your services, reach out and contact the experts at Datascan to learn more about how we can assist you.