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An Interview with a Datascan Support Specialist

An Interview with a Datascan Support Specialist

Datascan prides itself on providing the absolute best customer service and technical support in the industry. It’s what makes Datascan the leading Pharmacy Management Software in the country and has earned Datascan a consistent 5-star customer rating when it comes to pharmacy software reviews. Here’s a brief interview with a real Datascan Pharmacy Software support specialist who sheds light on some of the ways Datascan assists its independent pharmacy clients and helps them grow their business.

Q: What is one of the newest features in Winpharm that has solved a recurring problem or question?

A: Our DIR estimator has been one of the most useful features we recently released. As new features become available we send out messages to our clients to notify them and recommend they call a support staff member for assistance setting it up. The DIR estimator allows our clients to not only report on and track expected total DIR claw backs, but right at the point of adjudication it can tell them the profit after expected DIR Fee. You can even setup a post edit hard stop which will color code the prescription as a reimbursement warning, and stop the automatic printing of the label to allow a review of the script prior to actual filling.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about helping independent pharmacists with their software?

A: Working every day with community pharmacists, I can hear their frustrations with the industry. They’re sick of waiting on hold to talk to insurance companies, doctor’s offices, and essentially get nowhere fast. The culture at Datascan is very different than any other company I’ve worked for. Our clients are receiving faster and better service and it’s nice to hang up the phone with a happier client whose questions were addressed quickly and efficiently. It’s very rewarding to know that Datascan is not the one holding our clients up in their day-to-day operations, and we are a breath of fresh air to them compared to some of the other customer service or vendor relationships they have.

Q: How do you introduce a client to a feature in the system that they didn’t even know they had access to?

A: A number of ways including:

1: We speak to our clients several times a year as part of our customer service initiative program, or our “CSI.” During these calls we evaluate how we’re performing and also discuss any frustrations they may have. This opens up a great conversation and allows us to make suggestions for features they may not know about.

2: We also send out features, highlights, and tips via email and through the main menu in our pharmacy management software (Winpharm) that help clients stay up to date on new features as well as remind them about some existing options they may have forgotten about or never used.

3: We offer free optimization training with one of our trainers. This free service is a 1-2 hour system overview and gives our trainers an inside peek at the way our pharmacy clients are using the features in our system that really help build automation into the pharmacy, build efficiency, help build refills/profits and of course medication adherence.

4: Last, but not least, with our monthly invoices, comes our monthly newsletter. Each month we showcase new features, changes/updates to both main software packages, our pharmacy software and our pharmacy point of sale software to help educate them on the features available to them.