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Datascan Featured Client: City Chemist & White’s Apothecary

Datascan Featured Client: City Chemist & White’s Apothecary

As a software vendor, we have the opportunity to work with some really unique clients and support the growth of their pharmacies.  Many of our most successful customers have seen that to sustain longevity in community pharmacy, you must go beyond the traditional “stand behind the pharmacy computer and fill” model.  Finding a niche in this industry can be difficult, but City Chemist and White’s Apothecary has done just that. Servicing customers in Brooklyn, Long Island City, and the Hamptons, City Chemist and White’s is where pharmacy meets luxury. The gorgeously designed front end captivates customers from the moment they walk through the door. 

Clients can choose from a wealth of wellness products, lifestyle and luxury beauty brands.  In addition, each store provides in-house consult with beauty experts to pinpoint the perfect products.  Pharmacy patients welcome a variety of conveniences such as online refills, wellness checks, free delivery, and special order medications.  Pharmacists are at your service to answer any concerns to give you meaningful advice to fit your lifestyle.

We sat down with the masterminds behind City Chemist and White’s to find out some of their trade secrets and how they’re able to capitalize on the technology in their Datascan pharmacy and point of sale software to build such a successful business.

What sets City Chemist and White’s apart from other pharmacies?

  • We are elevated in our brand selection, allowing our clients to find a niche that fits their specific concerns.  We are able to join the two worlds of cosmetics and wellness related products.  This allows us to create a more global experience and comprehensive approach to each one of a client or patient needs. 

What tools are you using in your Datascan system to attribute to your success?

  • With Datascan and the reports integrated in our systems, we are able to look at the breakdown of sales per hour.  This allows us to better predict our traffic patterns to give our team strategy for success.  Meaning we are able to give a benchmark for associates to push forward to hit higher average dollar transactions.  This also allows us to schedule smarter.  In addition we also benefit from the extensive reporting.  “Sales by category” is our most frequently used report.  This gives us clean digestible data with we are able to see what drives our business, examine margins, and have a stronger idea of profitability.  This also strengthens our team to hold each member accountable for their area of expertise.  With that we are able to build benchmark goals and develop strategy to attack the month.       

How has your partnership with Datascan helped White’s and City Chemist and why would you recommend working with Datascan?

  • We’ve had some of our stores with other systems and for us it was not a good fit.  All of our locations use Datascan and we would never go anywhere else.  As our pharmacies are unique in nature, we often have some special requests that only Datascan has ever been willing to be able to accommodate.  The ability to centralize our reporting and analyze our business is something we value and even more of a reason we love working with our software vendor.

How does WinPharm assist in streamlining your pharmacy department’s workflow?

  • There are so many options we set up in WinPharm that have helped us maximize our reimbursements on claims.  We use profit watchers to evaluate losses in real time, and even set up alerts in our fill screens to warn us for things that may be auditable.  We’ve also started using auto refill and MedSync to help our pharmacies better manage our patients with chronic conditions and multiple medications.  We offer free delivery to our patients so being able to sync them up and helped to reduce the number of deliveries we’re making every day.  Datascan is always introducing us to new features that continue to help our business.

What are some recommendations you’d make to other pharmacies looking to increase sales?

  • Do better in gauging your client wants.  Do your research on the area you plan to open your pharmacy.  Different demographics expect different products.

You can visit City Chemist and White’s Apothecary in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Long Island City, Williamsburg, Southampton, and East Hampton, NY.  We guarantee you’ll never need to shop anywhere else!