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Pharmacy Software Demos are Vital – Test Drive Datascan Today

Buyer’s remorse is the worst thing to have, especially if it is for something you have to use every day, and even worse if you are locked into a contract!  You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it, would you?  Choosing a software system for your pharmacy is no different.  With so many options, it’s important that potential buyers take the time to do a live demonstration of the pharmacy management software systems they are interested in before making a purchase decision.

There are many things to take note of before, during, and after your pharmacy software demo.  Read about the company, its history, the ownership, and what its plans are for the future.  Who is at the helm –  an individual or family?  A huge corporation? A private equity firm or wholesaler?  Not only should you know how long the company has been around, but how long as the software product been around?  How are you handled before, during, and after the demonstration?  Are you treated like a number or a person?  Is the company pressuring you into signing a contract quickly by promising to lock you into pricing, or are they more focused on your needs and the relationship?

Datascan is a family-owned pharmacy software company, servicing the needs of independently owned pharmacies for almost 40 years.  Everything we do has a central focus on you, the client.  From our first impression to our demonstrations, to our software support — we focus on your specific needs, ensuring your experience with Datascan is what you SHOULD expect.  It’s what your patients expect of you, so why shouldn’t you expect it from one of your most important vendors – the partner that should be helping you optimize your business, grow your profits, and ultimately take care of your patients.

From the get-go, the team at Datascan treats you as an individual, not a number.  Our pharmacy software and point of sale demos are personal, one-on-one, and designed to help you gather information, ask questions, take your time to get to know our software and our company.  While many of our competitors herd you into a large and impersonal group meeting, Datascan schedules one-on-one software demonstrations tailored to your needs.  Potential customers are encouraged to prepare a list of questions or concerns so that our sales team can address them during the demonstration.  We understand starting a pharmacy or changing software vendors is a lengthy and sometimes confusing process, and your time is valuable.  Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need during our time together so you can avoid having buyer’s remorse!  Group demonstrations take away from your ability to ask questions or focus on your specific needs.

First impressions tell you a lot; whether it’s a person or business, your initial impression lays the foundation for future interaction.  Before you’re a Datascan customer you’re treated like a part of the family.  We value your opinions and time.  Our demonstrations are a true testament to our commitment to our clients.  As you consider your pharmacy software options as a new venture, or an existing store looking to convert, take your time during demonstrations.  Ask questions, interact, poke around—it’s a big decision.   We hope once you have looked at other pharmacy systems on the market, you will realize that Datascan is the best choice you can make for your business.