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Streamlining Your Pharmacy Operations Using Pharmacy Management Software

Over the last few years, especially during and post Covid-19, pharmacies have proven once again, that they are essential to the healthcare sector. Managing pharmacy operations can be frustrating, time-consuming, and error-prone due to the rising number of regulations and challenges presented.  However, if you have the right technology in place — a superior pharmacy management software, backed by 5-star support, it can be a game changer.   The right pharmacy system is a potent instrument that facilitates the streamlining of pharmacy processes, increases effectiveness, and raises patient safety.

Pharmacy management software:

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, computer-based systems called pharmacy management software were introduced.  They assisted pharmacists in managing their everyday tasks, such as administering medications, generating labels, and processing prescriptions. Over 40 years later and the technology has helped to fully transform the way an independent pharmacy is run day to day.  Datascan’s pharmacy software is packed with modern day features that help automate processes so management can free up time to focus on building back in profits and spending time with their patients.


Pharmacy management software advantages

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

By automating many tedious and time-consuming processes, such filling prescriptions and maintaining inventory, pharmacy management software improves efficiency and accuracy while allowing pharmacists to concentrate on more important responsibilities. Winpharm software contributes to a reduction in errors such as prescribing the incorrect prescription or dosage, enhancing patient safety. Personalized and accurate pharmacy therapy management is made possible by our pharmacy management software, which gives pharmacists instant access to patient information such as drug history, allergies, fill history (adherence) and so on. Additionally, our software enables pharmacists to easily interact with patients through a number of different platforms including 2-way SMS texting, our Mobile Scripts patient facing app, and email.

Cost Savings

By decreasing waste, getting rid of surplus inventory, and cutting labor expenses related to ‘old school’ manual operations, an advanced pharmacy management software can help your independent pharmacy save money.  Inventory functions that help avoid over ordering as well as shopping for the best pricing across vendors will yield clear savings.  Automation tools such as our maintenance medication utility, our built-in medication synchronization system, communication to patients tied directly into utilities (that is automated), and of course our automatic refill program are just a few examples of ways to put the pharmacy system to work for you.  We are proud here at Datascan to say that while we offer a feature rich pharmacy software backed by 5-star support, we do it all at a cost much less than the majority of our competition.

Pharmacy management software features

Inventory Control

Our software allows the user to manage multiple different inventories, countless wholesale vendors through EDI, can shop across these vendors for best pricing, and can even help forecast future ordering based off historic sales.  It also aids in inventory control by monitoring drug inventory levels and expiration dates.

Management of Prescription Orders

Winpharm pharmacy management software can handle and manage prescription orders, including faxed, phone, mobile application, website based, and electronic prescriptions via Surescripts.  During the fill process, the program not only notifies pharmacists of any possible drug interactions, allergies, and can pop up other crucial patient notes, it has built in pre-edits to help prevent you from issues later on during a potential audit.

Pharmacists are able to easily access and manage patient data, such as medication histories through our comprehensive, color coded, customizable patient profile.  Under the patient screen itself, allergies, and other medical details are managed including insurance data, demographics and the like.

Billing and Insurance Management

Any pharmacy system on the market can bill claims to insurance, but how many of them can do it quickly, without the need to remove your hands from the keyboard?  How many have built in pre and post edits that you can customize, and that will stop a label from printing if a post edit warning is triggered (to make sure it gets your attention)?  Datascans pharmacy system also goes the extra mile in allowing you to quickly see your patient profit picture, post adjudication, to see where you stand overall with patients that you are losing money on when filling certain scripts.


Choosing the right pharmacy software is crucial to the profitability and potential success or failure of a community pharmacy today.  Pharmacy systems are a resource for businesses trying to boost productivity, improve patient care, and cut expenses. Pharmacy management software enables pharmacists to concentrate on more important responsibilities, such as pharmaceutical therapy management and patient counseling, by automating many of the everyday operations and administrative tasks.