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The Landscape of Pharmacy AND Your Software Vendor is Drastically Changing:

The Landscape of Pharmacy AND Your Software Vendor is Drastically Changing:

Does it feel like your software vendor is abandoning you?
Did the company you worked with for years sell off to some large corporation?
Is your software vendor forcing you to switch systems because they no longer want to support the one you have used for years?

Any community pharmacist will tell you there is no comparison between an independently owned pharmacy and a large corporation or chain like CVS or Walgreens. Your pharmacy customers choose your independent pharmacy over a chain because they can depend on a superior and personal level of service they can’t get anywhere else. Your customers expect to walk into the store and be greeted by name, wait for their prescriptions, or even be able to have a specialty item ordered for them; there is no comparison when it comes to service. Meanwhile, big name pharmacies are spending billions of dollars every year to market themselves as “the biggest” and “the best,” making sure they have a location in almost every town, a commercial on every channel, and advertisements in every magazine. The problem with companies that become too big is they simply cannot service their customers the same. Large corporations lose focus on what really matters most, the customer. For independent pharmacies fighting to compete, surviving and thriving comes down to what you can offer your patient beyond simply filling their prescriptions. The same can be said about pharmacy software vendors – they need to offer more than just a feature packed software to earn the loyalty of their customers.

Are you currently being forced to change software systems? Or maybe you feel like you have become a number with no voice after your current software vendor sold off to a large corporation. Perhaps you are thinking about opening a new pharmacy or another location. Regardless of your situation, there are many critical factors to consider when narrowing down and selecting a pharmacy software provider. First, you must realize that the company you choose is more than a provider, they are, in fact, your partner. The pharmacy software system you choose is responsible for so much more than simply processing prescriptions, so choosing the right one requires more than a quick look at key features. Take the time to learn more about the vendors you plan to ‘partner’ with. Who owns them? Their history? Their plans for the future, and of course, what makes them different from the rest?

Independent pharmacies are beginning to feel ignored and under-serviced as many of their software vendors are simply too big to listen or pay attention to their needs. Large wholesaler and private equity owned software vendors are unable to support the individual needs of your pharmacy. Vendors that service thousands upon thousands of clients cannot focus on you, and may have trouble keeping up with the rapidly changing industry needs (especially when trying to manage multiple software systems). Even reaching a support team member to assist with a simple training question or to report a bug can be a lengthy process with larger vendors, at times involving 15+ minute hold times. This relationship parallels what a patient at a large chain store experiences on a daily basis. Zero individual attention, marginal customer service, and frustration. We cannot stress enough the importance of quality over quantity, of being a person and not a number, of having a voice and a true partner. If you are looking for a true partner and a vendor that supports your business and respects the relationship, then look no further. Datascan is the best choice for your pharmacy.

Who is Datascan?

At Datascan we get it. We understand the difference because we are independently owned, just like you. For almost 40 years we have been owned and operated by the same family whose main focus is on building advanced software and servicing the needs of the independent pharmacy better than the competition. Imagine working with a company that hears you. A company that understands the struggles your business faces day in and day out. Our on-staff developers work to build advanced technology to help your business build efficiency, improve star ratings, increase customer retention, and grow profits. All of this packed into the most competitively priced pharmacy software systems on the market. The improvements in our pharmacy software help our client’s watch carefully over reimbursements, estimate DIR fees, build star ratings and adherence with patients, all while helping automate so many of the day to day operations within a pharmacy. This allows the owner(s) to accomplish more, without requiring more staff. If you’re frustrated and ready for a change, reach out to our sales team and schedule a one-on-one demonstration. Talk with us about your needs and let us show you why we are the right partner for you.