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Top 5 Biggest Software Pain Points

person buying pharmacy software

How do you know it’s time to look for a new pharmacy software system, and what warning signs can you look out for if you’re opening a new pharmacy?  Datascan converts pharmacies from almost all of its competitors, and most pharmacy owners share similar frustrations.  No one should be unhappy with their pharmacy software system—especially since your software partner is the most important relationship you have in your pharmacy.    

Overpriced Pharmacy Systems

Price is a common complaint for many pharmacies converting over to Datascan and it’s also a big concern for new pharmacies starting out with a new pharmacy system.  The old cliché “you get what you pay for” is unfortunately very true when it comes to pharmacy systems.  While it’s never suggested to choose a vendor based solely on price, it’s an important consideration.  Very often the “cheapest” systems are cheap either due to inferior technology, lackluster support, or they include very little and each option is an add on, quickly costing you more money.  Looking at what’s included is important and understanding how these features impact your monthly spend is essential for your business.  Many popular systems on the market come with an incredibly high price tag but those bigger price tags do not include anything additional or beneficial for your business.  Ask yourself, why is it worth paying more?  What am I getting to warrant extra $100+ dollars a month?  Finding a software partner that’s priced reasonably while still offering a superior product and stellar service is the ultimate goal.

Extended Wait Time for Pharmacy Software Support

Wait times continue to increase with so many of our competitors.  A big complaint and common reason pharmacy owners leave their vendor and move to Datascan is over service and support.  Your patients choose your independent pharmacy for many reasons, and better service is at the top of that list.  You deserve the same thing from your pharmacy software partner.  Our support continues to offer an unparalleled level of service with immediate response times. 

Pharmacy Software Company Sell-offs

Ownership turnover usually results in unhappy customers. We’ve seen an enormous amount of change over the past few years when it comes to pharmacy software vendor ownership.  It has been over forty years since our inception and Datascan is now owned by second generation within the same family. Unlike the majority of our competitors, there is no board of directors, there are no private equity investors, nor is there a tremendous corporation with a lot of red tape.  We are a independently owned company that offers personal service, without large corporate ‘rules’ and regulations that prevent us from helping our clients in a time of need.  Once upon a time most vendors were independently owned and focused just like the clients they serviced.  Fast forward to today and sadly only a handful of vendors remain independently owned.  Many vendors like ComputerRX, RX30, PioneerRX, and QS1 are owned and managed by large private equity groups.  Private equity focuses on profitability and often the customer suffers in the end.  Other vendors like McKesson have sunset their pharmacy software products; striking deals with other software vendors that leave one to wonder “will they be the next to sell off?”  Independent Pharmacy is unique in its primary focus being on customer relationships and not just profitability—something Datascan shares with its customers.

Declining or Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is something no one should ever have to put up with.  Sometimes a bad customer service experience is due to unknowledgeable staff, something that happens frequently when vendors are merged, and employees are supporting multiple platforms.  Very often companies become too big to focus on the individualized needs and questions of their pharmacies, something that frustrates many owners’ we’ve converted to Datascan.  Often some of the chain like vendors compartmentalize their support, which can result in increased wait times and very unhappy clients.  Our support team is trained on all of our technology, pharmacy, and IT.

Pharmacy Systems with Outdated/Archaic Technology

Outdated and archaic technology is unacceptable.  Our job as a software partner is to provide clients with innovative technology solutions that help drive business, increase profits, and build better loyalty with patients.  We do this by creating products that build efficiency and streamline daily processes through automation.  Customers express frustration with their software’s inability to perform some of the most basic functionality.  In today’s competitive market, software vendors must continue to move forward with technology.  Datascan tests, and releases new features and functionality every single month.  Our clients are updated through our monthly newsletter, as well as through our educational videos that show how to use these features on the back end of our website.

Independent pharmacies deal with enough stress in todays day and age.  Your pharmacy software vendor should be there to help alleviate that stress by providing reliable technology that automates processes, excellent customer support, no down time, and all at a reasonable price.  That is what Datascan offers.