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Why do More Independent Pharmacies Choose Datascan?

Why do More Independent Pharmacies Choose Datascan?

Working with other independently owned vendors can give you a competitive advantage

and better service.

When you think about opening a community pharmacy, what do you envision? Your answer is probably: a setting in a local town where you can build relationships with your patients, provide them the service and care they deserve, and set yourself aside from the chains.

Why do you think you can be successful as an independent pharmacy? You already know this answer: because comparing an independent pharmacy to a chain is like comparing a small town bank to a nationwide one – you simply cannot compare the two!

So when opening your community pharmacy, why would you choose a vendor, who is providing core services that help you run your business, that is owned by a tremendous corporation?

Independent community pharmacies are undeniably unique. Customers and pharmacy staff become like family. For independents, it’s not just about filling prescriptions, but about cultivating relationships. Sajid Shaikh, owner of Hippo Pharmacy in Hutto, Texas, says that “the key is to create a level of familiarity but also to have something that is unique and intriguing.”

The more unique and intriguing the experience, the more your patients will want to come to your pharmacy and support your business. They can fill a prescription anywhere, but the experience is not the same – the reason so many independent pharmacies choose to partner with Datascan is no different. Your pharmacy software vendor is one of, if not the most important partnership for your pharmacy. According to Shaikh, “…I knew that software is one of the biggest pieces of running the business smoothly. It must work all the time, be intuitive, powerful, and be able to serve the functions of the business that I need.” The wrong system can cost you patients, lost time, and lost money, but on the contrary the right system can help make your business.

Between the ever-changing needs of the industry, and the specialized needs of so many independent pharmacies country-wide, pharmacy owners need the ability to have a voice. “When you decide to work with a vendor, it’s critical that your ethos is in alignment. I wanted to work with a company that was in it to support me as a business to see me succeed. To the big players I would just be account #12345, another sale so investors could siphon money out only to demand more account growth the following year,” says Shaikh.

Datascan chooses to be different – to focus on quality over quantity. There is something to be said for a business who still services their very first customer dating back to 1981, and it’s something Datascan is proud of. The way Datascan clients are supported is something our competitors simply cannot do.  Whether they’re too large or lost focus and sight of what’s important; we are converting pharmacies from every other vendor who are looking to move forward and change the game together.

Community pharmacies are poised to help patients live happier and healthier lives, and Datascan stands behind its family of pharmacies prepared to support their mission.

As you begin your journey towards pharmacy ownership or are considering making a move from your current pharmacy software vendor you should ask yourself who you want to partner with. Wholesalers and pharmacy software vendors are true partnerships. “At the end of the day people are looking to build relationships based on integrity,” and Datascan is only as successful as our pharmacies are and continue to honor and value our mutual philosophies. “Community Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help the patients they serve, live the best life they can, because at the end of the day that is what it is all about,” explains Shaikh.

As our pharmacies continue to strive for nothing short of excellence, we are excited for the future of pharmacy and to continue aligning with like-minded pharmacists looking to do better. If you are choosing independent pharmacy, why not choose a vendor sharing in your values and beliefs? Together with Datascan you can succeed and far surpass your expectations.