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Datascan Pharmacy Software & Physician Dispensing Solutions can Produce Huge Profits for Your Practice!

First, what is physician dispensing? 

Many states across the US allow physicians to not only prescribe, but dispense medications to their patients directly from their offices.  There are requirements and various safety measures physicians must satisfy, and this of course varies state by state.  This is not just about additional profits for the practice, but a great convenience for patients as well.

How can Datascan Pharmacy Software help?

When looking into physician dispensing it’s important to partner with a dispensing pharmacy software vendor that understands your needs and can also provide you the necessary tools for a successful dispensing model.  We have been working with the doctor dispensing model dating back to 2005.  With this, we realized that dispensaries do not require the same level of support that a retail pharmacy does, nor do they use a fraction of the technology built into our systems — so we built a discounted special dispensary pricing package for this model.

Datascan’s Pharmacy Software management system, WinPharm, was originally designed for retail pharmacies, but there are many features included and designed to accommodate the needs of dispensaries.  Our dispensary clients enjoy the same features and same amazing technology any of our retail clients do including automatic refills, medication synchronization, patient mobile, and web refill and profile applications, perpetual inventory management with automatic inventory updates from wholesalers, and much more!  Physician dispensaries also have unlimited access to Datascan’s 24/7 training webinar videos and live software support with our support staff.  All of this bundled into an affordable and convenient package.

Datascan also has relationships with PSAO’s that can help get you credentialed/contracted with payers for insurance and has some wholesale contacts for purchasing medications in prepackaged or loose pack dispensing.

The Datascan Difference in Physician Dispensing:

  • Pricing: Special package pricing that helps keep monthly costs down
  • Experience: Almost 15 years (dating back to 2005) experience in this model gives us extended knowledge
  • Unique support:  We have the knowledge and experience, which helps our team understand your needs and model to better serve you.  While some doctor dispensing systems on the market are priced cheaper to get you in the door, they come with little to no support.  We can actually help your staff get insurance claims paid – we call it claims adjudication assistance and its part of your monthly plan. 
  • Special Features:  Built into our software designed to help run your dispensary, such as our built-in payment accepted module.  This allows you to track copays and cash Rx payments received, without the need for another software like POS. 
  • Connections:  With PSAO’s for contracting and wholesalers for pre-pack or loose pack drug dispensing

What are the different types of dispensary models available?

Cash and Carry:  A cash and carry model means you are not processing prescriptions through the patient’s pharmacy benefits.  Many dispensaries find much success with this model as there is no need to credential with the PBM networks or insurance companies.  You’re able to fill any prescription for any patient without worrying about insurance reimbursements.  This works particularly well with practices dispensing inexpensive generic medications, compounds, non-NDC drugs, and specialty items.

Insurance adjudication:  Many dispensaries choose to credential their practices with PBM networks (payers) to be able to accept patient insurance.  This model is very similar to how retail pharmacy is set up.  This model involves insurance claims adjudication, patient prescription copayments, and third party reconciliation of claims.  Datascan’s pharmacy software includes the ability to process claims to any PBM/plan your practice is credentialed with.

Is physician dispensing right for me and where can we start?

If you’re considering physician dispensing your first step would be to research the dispensing laws in your state.  Once you’ve done your research and understand the requirements, deciding which type of model is right for you would come next.  Many practices choose to get started with cash and carry and eventually offer to accept insurance in the future.  Whatever you decide is right for your practice or clinic, Datascan has the best products and packages for you in one easy-to-use pharmacy software solution.

Reach out to our sales team to schedule a live one-on-one demonstration or to discuss any questions.  We look forward to working with you!


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