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Reasons Why You Need The Right Pharmacy Management Software

The right Pharmacy management software is essential to the success of any independent pharmacy. It literally helps run the day to day operations of these businesses, and will determine whether or not the pharmacy is running efficiently or not.  Choosing the right pharmacy software will allow you to operate more competently as it will streamline and simplify some of the most routine processes such as drug dispensing and stock control, billing, patient management, etc, but will also offer so much more in functionality.  Pharmacy management software helps you achieve the following benefits;

1. Inventory Management and Control

If you are struggling to keep your stock in check, are you really fully utilizing your pharmacy management system?  The software can assist beyond just ordering and tracking inventory.  A good pharmacy system can help you shop across vendors for the best pricing.  It can help manage multiple inventories such as 340B vs standard inventory.  Using historical data, the system should be able to help forecast inventory needs, and prevent from over ordering inventory, which results in less cash flow.  For example, Datascan’s Winpharm pharmacy software can help you track, order, shop, and control inventory ordering as well as manage expiring drugs while assisting with returns .

You can analyze these records to determine drugs that are purchased more frequently. In addition, this software can help you determine the medication that moves fast during certain seasons. For example, during winter, you are likely to get more orders for flu medication well the demand for sunburn ointments may increase during summer. Such knowledge can help you keep up with demands well, reducing wasting money on medication that is likely to be stuck on the shelves for an extended period.

2. Automates Processes to free up time with patients and new ideas

Taking the time to find the absolute best pharmacy management system is imperative for success for todays independent pharmacy.  With true automation built in, your software should be able to not only auto fill prescriptions for you, but handle communications with patients for all kinds of reminders, automate prior authorization processes, reach out to Doctors when you use the last refill on maintenance medications, and that is just the beginning.   The system should be able to automate your purchasing, handle medication synchronization for patient efficiency, and auto communicate with patients to build medication adherence. Datascan Winpharm pharmacy software allows you to automate many of your daily and weekly tasks, taking the burden off of the staff. This way, less effort is required in managing day to day operations, and more focus can be placed on interaction with patients as well as finding new profit centers.  Of course, a great pharmacy system will also help it reduce the number of dispensing errors as well as help monitor your bottom line on each and every RX filled.

3. It Improves Patient Health Outcomes

The best pharmacy management systems will assist with getting results in improved health outcomes. Adherence based tools that help monitor and alert when patients are outside of adherence guidelines are key to better star ratings which will result in lower DIR fees and better overall profitability. Patients can use 2 way texting and mobile applications to communicate with pharmacists online and clarify or get feedback that they could not get in-person while at the pharmacy.  Giving patients access to their profiles, and the ability to easily queue up refills to your pharmacy software is a must have as chain pharmacies are offering these conveniences just up the street.

In addition, the medicine adherence tools in the mobile application can help remind them to take their medication on time, manage their drugs, and easily refill prescriptions. These adherence tools may also include blood sugar monitoring programs. Instead of going to the clinic now and then, pharmacies can use the software to watch their diabetic patients’ sugar levels.

4. Managing and organizing daily tasks

In addition to improving the health outcomes of patients, a pharmacy management system should help organize all patient and prescription related tasks. For example, restocking of prescriptions that are past the sell date for pbm billing, fixing rejected claims, making sure to process on hold scripts when they come due, following up on new rx requests to physicians that have not been responded to, or even following up on those pesky prior authorizations –these are all tasks that need to be organized and managed day to day.  Winpharm software can help you manage all of these activities in one place, through an organized dashboard for your staff to work off of.

5. Save time and money

The ideal pharmacy management software can help increase efficiency. Most pharmacists and owners spend a great deal of their working hours dispensing prescriptions. Moreover, a lot of concentration is required to check for drug interactions, verify prescriptions, and understand the doctor’s handwriting.

Datascan pharmacy management software makes everything easier, freeing up more time for pharmacists to interact with patients. These systems can also help achieve efficiency in ordering. This helps keep your pharmacy building back profits, while operating with less staff to complete the same (or more) tasks.

Final Thoughts

Pharmacy management systems should be designed to give your pharmacy a competitive edge over others in the industry. They achieve this through features that allow you to provide better customer experiences and engaging services that will ultimately attract, and retain more patients. The above-mentioned benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what you could achieve by investing in pharmacy management software.